March 11, 2011


I've been wanting to start a blog for a few months now.  I am a loyal follower of a few other blogs and feel that some things I am involved in or do in life would be funny or interesting to blog about.  I am constantly having unbelievable things happen all the time!  At least i think so.

The hardest part was choosing a name, and I'm still not quite sure why I chose that one, but I did and its started, so.....stay tuned and I will have some interesting stories coming up!

But first let me tell you a little about my life.

DH with Cami (left) and Reese (right)

I'm married to a wonderful husband.  We have miniature dachshunds, german shepherds, and 'coon hunt with two incredible blue tick hounds.  The past two months my husband (I'll be referring to him as DH) my father in law and I, have been training them to enter competition hunts beginning next weekend.

It should be quite and adventure for me because it will be the first hunt I have gotten to take my own dog.  She is a year and a half old and just got her brand new PINK collar/leash/tracking collar so that when we show up to hunt again a lot of redneck men, we can really show them up, girly style.

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Rachael West said...

Awww I love the start of your "story" keep them coming. I also LOVE that you have your hunting pup a pink color - too cute sounds like something I would do.

Mr. Arkansas and I have talked about training gertie to fetch ducks since she loves the water so much. In the summer we cannot keep her out of the pool - she tosses her ball into the deep end then jumps in and fetches it :+) she's been known to do this for HOURS alone lol