March 22, 2011

Operation Kitchen Remodel-Complete! The Before's and After's

After much too much work our kitchen is finally complete!  All of my stuff is in it's new place, and out of the floor.  I can also make coffee on the counter instead of in the dining room on an end table. : )

I wish I had taken more "before's" so you what bad shape our top cabinets were.  The backs were literally hanging off the wall so badly that I was afraid if I put ONE more can in them they would fall.  One day those death traps were going to land on me or be in the floor when I came home from work.

SO..without further ado, here are the pictures of our new kitchen!  We celebrated by eating catfish (that we caught ourselves!) and coleslaw.  One of our favorite meals.  

BEFORE: Under Sink

AFTER: Under Sink

BEFORE:  Beside Dishwasher

AFTER:  New Cabinet Beside Dishwasher

BEFORE:  Cabinet beside stove I had to crawl back in with a flashlight

AFTER:  I love my SUSAN!

BEFORE: Ugly white board we wrote notes on

AFTER:  Pretty print I bought at Dollar General for $6!

BEFORE:  Terrible Kitchen!

AFTER: Finished Product!

Some extras, just 'cause I'm proud:
Love my corner with added counter space

New Burner Pans and some spring flowers spruce the place up.

Large corner cabinet gives lots of extra room, and
has rope lighting on top.

Finally, we used a deer foot gun rack as a coat rack, just
'cause we had it. Maybe weird for some people, but fits us
'cause we're just like that.  : )

This weekend we completely finished the kitchen.  We were able to install the knobs and drawer pulls as well as put down the baseboards.  My awesome dad also came over and installed LED lights underneath the cabinets which made a WORLD of difference!  It looks incredible and I am wanting to cook constantly!  That, and make sure that hubby doesn't leave any dirty dishes lying around and puts his Splenda wrappers in the trash.  ; )

New lighting brightened the place up!

Stained my spice rack to match the cabinets.

Put my dachshund towel holder back on the wall.

Thanks for sticking with me throughout the renovation.  Now I want to start working on some other rooms in the house.  Wish me luck!


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