March 16, 2011

Operation Kitchen Remodel-Stage 1 Demolition

 I don't even think exhausted is the word to use to describe how I feel today.  So glad I got to come back to work to rest!

Whoever told me that we could get our kitchen done in 3 days is dead WRONG!  Not unless you work 20 hours a day, don't take breaks for food or to go to the bathroom (sorry bladder) and get incredibly moody (sorry honey ; ) ).

Thought i would post some pictures of the DEMOLITION....although I didn't get to help with this part, I was too busy staining the new cabinets.  But hubby had fun and getting rid of our horrible cabinets.

After they were gone, our kitchen looked like this!

Hubby fixing Icemaker line I pulled out, whoops! Glad he's a plumber.

Don't know WHY I can't rotate this picture, can anyone help me?  Its correct on my files!
Left side of kitchen.  Nice, huh?  Especially that black mold in the corner. 
Guess thats what we get for living in a 85 year old rock house.

All the stuff that was in my cabinets. 

That does not includ the stacks in our dining room that include crock pots, more Rachael Ray cookware, roasting pans, standing mixer, food processor, etc. I have no idea how i had all that stuff in those cabinets. 

Time for a trip to Goodwill to shed some pounds of tupperware and dinnerware we don't use (and I forgot we had).

Stay tuned (if anyone is actually reading this), many more pictures of our blood, sweat and tears...literally.

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Rachael West said...

I'm reading ;-) once you have the project completed send me a email. I'd be happy to feature it in hopes to draw traffic. I will give you the names of some other great sites to link to as well!