March 17, 2011

Operation Kitchen Remodel-Stage 2

Staining is fun! I got to work on staining our new cabinets on Saturday night with my hubby-down in our basement because it was raining outside. 

We were having a great time, staining the cabinets and talking about everything because we haven't gotten to spend a lot of time together lately.   Around 2am we decided to call it quits and hit the hay.

Hubby staining his upper cabinet

Me staining the inside of an upper cabinet
The next morning I was super-excited about going to how the cabinets turned out, semi-dried and finish staining the ones we hadn't gotten to yet.  Boy was I surprised when your cabinets were SO dark.  Places on them looked almost black!  The stain seemed to turn darker as it dried.  And this was just ONE coat.  We were supposed to be using two coats. 

Needless to say I began sanding away to try and remove some of the stain and lighten the cabinets up. We have also rubbed a small amount of Mineral Spirits on them to take the color off, which sort of worked in a few spots, but we still have dark spots and I haven't won't have time to work on them anymore until the weekend.

I think I'm going to go with my new friend and DIY genious Rachael's advice from Mrs-Adventure and try Citrastrip to remove the rest of the stain. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow night  so i can get back at it.

I hate doing our taxes : ( !

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Rachael West said...

Ugh you had to remind me about Taxes didn't you? I'll get to them this weekend... I can't wait to hear how the Citrastrip turns out :+)
Once you cross over to the dark side of little to no sanding its hard to go back... you are warned! XO.