March 21, 2011

Operation Kitchen Remodel-Stage 3 & 4, maybe 5

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend .  For us it was another-work until you can't stand up weekend. 

Our new cabinets were installed.  Without the help of hubby's grandparents we would not have gotten this project completed.  At least not this year....

I worked with Daniel's grandfather to hang all the top cabinets.  Being that our walls are poured concrete we had to attach finished board to the wall with a ram-set(sp) or ram gun.  I have no idea if I'm spelling that correctly but, it was one of the neatest tools I've ever seen.  Being a lover of guns and tools (strange girl, huh) this thing was too cool!  You basically put the nail in the end of the barrel and it is loaded with a strip of bullets full of powder, put the barrel against the wall and it SHOOTS the nail into the concrete.  It was made by Remington, so I should have known how cool it was going to be.  Most of our tools say DeWalt.  Not only was it extremely loud, but also effective.  Loved it! 

Corner Cabinet going in, definitely added cabinet space.

Daniel's Grandfather putting in last top cabinet

Bottom cabinets going in and stove back in place, starting to install new counter tops.

All Counter tops installed and cabinets stained, dishwasher back in place. 
(Can anyone tell me why it rotates my pics when I upload them?)

After all that was complete I waited for the stain to dry.  We decided since it was already so dark from the Poly Shades that we would just put a coat of clear polyurethane instead of a second coat of the Poly Shades.  After it was all said and done they turned out beautiful. 

I began moving stuff back into the cabinets last night and will have it all moved back in by this evening.  I hope to end Operation Kitchen Remodel with tomorrows post and put up some before and after pictures with the horrible shape our previous cabinets were in.

I can't wait to cook our first meal in my completed kitchen.   I'm sure hubby will be happy to eat something that is cooked instead of microwaved or came from a frozen bag. : )

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Rachael West said...

Oh wow Tiff they look amazing.... I know they were a lot of work I'm sure now you think it was worth it :-). I can't wait to see the final photos.

ash said...

wow, it looks amazing!! like a brand new kitchen :)

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