April 19, 2011

The Dollar Store Rocks!

So, today is my second trip to the dollar store in two days.  I love it.  It is SO awesome. I can't believe the great deals you can get on some brand name products.  You have to be careful of course because some things may cost more there than at the regular grocery store/Walmart, etc.  But other things are WAY less. 

I went in search of some stones.  The glass kind.  Sort of like fishtank gravel only larger.  I think I'm gonna end up down in the creek.  I can't find them anywhere and really don't feel like driving to Michaels.  Next on my list was a pair of flip flops.  They had a big sign up $1/pair.  Other than that I just perused the eiles lookin' for bargain goodies. 

I came out with 5 cans of spray paint (3 of them were $1.75 each, the other 2 were $2.75 because they were the rustoleum type.  I also got a roll of painters tape, a razor blade scraper with a pack of 5 blades, some WD-40, a birthday card for my little brother, 2 packs of tissue paper, a pair of camo flip flops, 2 packs of rubber chair leg covers (so chairs won't scratch the floor; more on that later ; ) ), a pack of 3 different grains of sandpaper-25 sheets and last but definitely not least, a bag of Palmers edition of the mini reese cup.  ALL for just at $40.  I was amazed.  If I had bought the 5 cans of spraypaint at Lowes it would have been over $40. 

So get out there folks and visit your Dollar General.  I would give yourself about 10 minutes at least.  But don't stay too long, you will be like me and find too many deals. 

I immediately went home and used my white spraypaint.  I had to go back today for another can. I will have a new project up tomorrow.  Even though its minor.  I still like 'em.  Hope everyone is having a great day! 

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Rachael West said...

Dang girl 35 followers and counting look at your go - wait I was supposed to be commenting on the dollar store post right? LOL