April 12, 2011

A Furry Update=Great news!

I just wanted to update you on my furry son Diesel.  I posted a few weeks ago about his encounter with a brown recluse spider.   You can catch up on his journey here.

I am so happy to report that he has been healing very quickly.  We decided to remove his giant e-collar to wash it again and see how he reacted (basically watch and check whether or not he would continue to try and lick/chew his wounds).

After a few hours we realized that he wasn't going to bother it.  We left it off the entire night and into the next day.  It has now been over a week and he has been "collarless".  We are all SO happy.  His head was about 3ft wide.  It was hard to navigate around him, especially coming down the hallway.  He would ram into you and then shove on through.  Nothing gets in his way. 

Here is our boy now:

He still has a small place on his chest that isn't fully closed but he is 99% better.  His leg is healed completely.  He even felt like getting out and playing ball yesterday afternoon.  And, he could actually SEE where we were throwing it.

We are so happy to have him back to his healthy, happy self!  : )

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