April 29, 2011

I Have a New Love in My Life...DeWalt Power Tools

Last night I was at Lowes shopping for some items I needed for a new project I'm working on and hubby walked over to the tool department for a little "man time".  After collecting all the items I needed I headed over to meet up with him. When I got there he was talking to an employee about SANDERS! 

The sander is one tool my husband doesn't have and I have needed very much. He was being sweet thinking of me and trying to find me the best sander for the buck.  But when I say best, I actually mean the best DeWalt.  It's pretty much the only brand of power tools my husband will buy. 

SO..after about 20 minutes of discussion, I came home with my very own FIRST power tool! 

I can't wait to try this baby out.  It is 2.2 volts of sanding power.  Which means I don't have to use all that elbow grease (I was about to run out anyway). 

(Please pay not attention to my ratty hair and shiny face. I had just taken a shower and put on a facial peel.  But so excited about the sander I had to get him out and hold him.)

It also came with an awesome hard black carrying case.  If you don't own any DeWalt stuff, most of them come in these hard cases. While we were choosing sandpaper to fit the sander, I turned around and saw this:

The DeWalt 100 piece drill set!  AND the best part, it was 50% off.  So I only had to pay $29.95 for it.  I love it!  Next I'm getting my very own drill.  So, I can give my husband his back and get it out from under the bed. ; )

Now lets see what I can creat this weekend.  Hope you all enjoy yours!



Rachael West said...

Wow I'm offically jealous... I've been eyeing that sander forever! I still have a crappy black and decker one day I'll have one of my own I've been writing Santa already lol

Liz said...

Yes - I told my husband I want him to buy me a pink cordless screwdriver. I don't like pink per se, but if he bought me red (my fave color EVAH) I think he might still be tempted to use it and/or loan it out. haha!