April 5, 2011

A Pallet chair, I made ALL.BY.MYSELF.

After cruising the net for a few minutes I realized the true value of pallets. 

Yes...pallets.  The kind that you get furniture delivered on (or in our case, cabinets) .  They are use full for SO many other things besides firewood, or worse-being hauled off to the landfill.

I decided that the pallets were going to be the basis of my next DIY project.

 I began by sawing off some boards.  
I sawed off all the back boards on the bottom pallet, leaving the front four (on the top side).
 I had to work in the basement on Saturday due to bad weather. Then, on Sunday I was able to take the party outside and enjoy the glorious day!

Next, I took the second pallet and began sawing off more boards. 
I sawed off two boards from the middle of the pallet and left one rear board for support.

I was SO excited because for the first time EVER I was able to use a skill saw, sawzall, drill and more totally unsupervised while hubby mowed the yard.  : )
I even staked my claim on his DeWalt XRP 18 Volt Drill.  It's now hidden under my side of the bed (no one tell him please).
I went back to the first pallet and sawed off the remaining 2x4 boards in the middle of the pallet, leaving 4 boards for the backrest and the side supports.
I cut portions of the 2x4's that were in the mid-section of the first pallet
and made the front legs for the chair. I had to saw them at an angle to
insure they sat level on the ground.
After I finished sawing the pallets the way I wanted them, and had the legs attached to the front(with some big honking nails), I began eyeballing how I wanted the back rest to attach.
That's when I ran into a problem..dun..dun..dun.....
I realized that the gap between the backrest and the bottom pallet was too large to nail or screw together.  I had to do some modifying to the original plan.  So, I took two small boards that came off the pallets and placed them in the gap.  Then, I used the DeWalt cordless drill (I'm in love with) to screw some giant screws through all three boards-into the frame.  I followed those up with some more large nails.
After all the screws were in place and the chair was secure, I added additional boards (that also came from the pallets) to make brackets securing the chair backing. 
Finally, I tightened down all the screws, made sure all the nails were hammered flush and ask my hubby who had just finished mowing to have a seat on our new pallet chair. 

He was a little hesitant at first, but after popping a squat he loved it.  It is quite comfortable.  Just the right angle to lean back in and relax. Overall, I was totally proud of myself and my carpentry, not to mention my use of power tools.

When all the work was complete I  my pallet chair. It's even big enough for two!  Hubby was also happy when he had a place to relax after mowing our huge back yard.

(Pay no attention to my snow white legs and ugly attire,
its been winter here folks).

I finally got around to painting the chair last night.  It took FOREVER!  There are so many nooks and crannies on pallets, it was hard to reach them all. 

Laid down some plastic in the back driveway before painting.  I went with a light gray outdoor paint (mostly because it was on sale).  But it works since our house is rock and concrete, it matches. 

After about two hours of painting I had this!

Hubby helped me move it into the yard so that I could get my car out for work today.  We put it up on some boards off the ground until the paint completely dries.  It will definitely need a second coat.  That wood soaked up almost 1/2 gallon of paint.  And I added some flowers so it would look all pretty.

Here's me with the finished product.
(Side note: The chair is completely level.  The yard is not, ha ha.)

Hubby and I tried it out together.  He really just wanted to put my craftsmanship
to the test. ; )  I passed with flying colors!

Thank you for checking out my pallet chair making fun!

I'm so excited!  My pallet chair tutorial was featured on the Fine Craft Guild DIY Party!

 DIY Tutorial
I also linked my tutorial to the DIY Monthly Party
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It's So Very Cheri!

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