April 26, 2011

Raised Strawberry Garden Made From What? You Guessed it-Pallets!

This was a glorious weekend!  I always LOVE Easter weekend.  I'm off work on Friday for Good Friday (I like to call it GREAT Friday) and because we get to celebrate Jesus on what is arguably the greatest day in history. 

It was a bright and sunny 80 degree weekend which meant I HAD to get outside and do SOMETHING. So, I decided to use a few of the dozen pallets my dad dropped off for me last week.  I purchased some strawberry plants and had planned on planting them in a pot, or flower bed that is currently grown over with weeds, then I decided exactly what to do with them.  A pallet bed!  Less weeds...they will come back each year...and be way easier to harvest them. 

So..step one, find a pallet. 
Saw the pallet in half, or whatever size you like.  I used a circular saw.  I thought I would use this pallet as the width sides of the bed and some other wood I had leftover for the length sides.

Pallet sawed in half and removed inside board (hence the leftover nuggets)

Measured the pallets and sawed them off again so they were the same size and leveled.

Next I began filling in the gaps with the leftover pieces I had taken from the inside.

After those were both completed I was ready to cut the lumber for the long sides.  I just measured the leftover piece of lumber I had on hand and cut it in half. The I used the DeWalt 18 Volt Battery Drill and some screws to attach the pieces together.

When it was all put together it looked like this!
I then lined the box with plastic covered paper that my dad gets from work. It is similar to Tyvek wrap that is used in home construction.  (What would I do without him???).  They use this type in the medical field to wrap syringes and other materials such as bandaids, etc.  It is waterproof and perfect for protecting my box.  Warning: never use salt treated materials for any type of bed you plan to grow food in.

Next, I raked all the grass off the spot where I was going to place it.  I put down a large piece of plastic to keep the grass and weeds from growing up in the box.  I also lined it with black fabric gardening paper.  Since I wanted it to be sort of a "lasagna garden" I layered the box with cardboard, compost, newspapers and leaves. 

Once I had all the layers in place, I finished up with two giant bags of Miracle Grow Potting Mix.

Finally my bed was completed.  You can still see a little of the paper sticking up, so I may add a little extra dirt to cover it. 
 I knew the strawberries had to have a lot of light so I placed the bed in the corner of our house .  It gets at least 7 hours of light each day and is right beside an outside faucet for watering.  Finally I was able to plant my stawberries!

It worked out so well because they are right beside my overgrown red raspberry bushes.  I bought two tiny stems of raspberries at Lowes and they turned into this in two years.  They desperately need to be tied back again; maybe next weekend.

On the other side are my blueberry bushes.  Pay no attention to the weedy bed.  I don't worry about the little things.  : )

I think I will call this the fruit corner.  While I was busy doing all this work in the hot sun, this is what everyone else was up to:

All in all I love the bed and it was super easy.  I just hope my plants produce a bountiful crop.  I'm looking forward to the yummy berries.   I probably need to add more plants.  I didn't realize how large my bed would turn out.

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The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

I saw your post on Sew Much Ado :) What a great idea to use pallets. I can't wait to check back and see how well your garden grows.


Teresa said...

This is really great, Tiff. You'll have fresh strawberries before long, and your 'lasagna garden' is pretty to boot!

residential home builders said...

Thank you for sharing your tips! I have always dreamed of planting fruits in our backyard. It's just that I never had the time to do it. I can't wait to see how your strawberries turn out to be.