April 20, 2011

Sign Making and Another Pallet Chair, I'm addicted

It seems these days all I do is try making a sign that looks decent, or make chairs out of pallets.  Especially since I have THIS pile now stacked in my basement:

I wanted to make my dad a sign for his workshop.  I didn't want to spend money buying vinyl lettering (I'm so cheap).  And, my hand painted sign didn't turn out too well.  SO I used letters found at the dollar store.  For $1, it seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Next, I spray painted the board with a silver metallic spray paint.  I'm not sure if it is just WAY old or, this brand of spray paint just has retro styled cans, but I thought it was cool.  It has sat in our basement forever so, I'm glad to finally use it on something.

ColorPlace Spray Paint-Silver Metallic

Next, after the spray paint dried, I laid the letters out on the board and arranged them the way I wanted.  No, my dad's name is not Choppy. But, some people might think so.  It's been his nickname my ENTIRE life and I've never really understood why.  My great-grandfather had the same nickname (but that was on my mom's side of the family; confusing).  Anyway..everybody knows dad as Choppy.  Hence..Choppy's Workshop.

The wind started blowing the letters all over the place.  I definitely recommend using a glue stick or some sort of adhesive for this step.

I took a can of black spray paint and went over the board entirely.  The letters were blowing around like mad and I didn't have on any gloves.  You should have seen my hands (too covered with paint to pick up my camera).  It took half a can of mineral spirits to get it off.  I had to paint my nails red for work today to cover the rest of it up.  I can't stand to have my nails painted.  I've waited all day to go home and take it off.  (Boy, do I get off on tangents or what!  Focus...)

SO...after I painted the board and became ADHD and removed the letters before it was dry, this was my result:

The letters are a little crooked and the black bled into the silver more than I would like.  I think I'll rough it up around the edges some more to let some silver shine through on the sides.  Then fill in a little of the silver right around the lettering.  Overall, it looks OK.  Its a cheap, easy way to make a sign.  But definitely use a glue stick or adhesive on the lettering and wait for the paint to dry. ; P

Next, I almost finished a pallet chair I am making for a friend.  I will finish it up tonight. I think I'm even going to put arms on this one.  These pallets have rounded edges so it gives a nice contrast on the square look.  I will have more on that later.

I can't wait for Good Friday!  Another Friday off work, that's two back to back.  I love it.  I should have lots of time to work on some stuff and the dreaded housework.  What are your plans for Easter?

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