May 9, 2011

Business Opportunities and the WWW

I began this blog as a little way to show my off my sparkling personality, and the crafts/projects and other things in my life with the world.  It has become a little space for me to share with my webby friends what I do and think (no that you all care ; ) ) on a regular basis.

I ran across a website called that helps bloggers like you and me, meet up with folks who want to advertise on blogs such as ours.  It's a free site to bloggers and, opens up a lot of doors for advertisers and bloggers alike to venture into a new world of advertising and try new products.
Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with
Upon opening an account with them, I was introduced to Jasmine  It is a business web directory in which people can list their website to be reviewed by editors.  Jasmine Directory helps businesses grow by gaining them a wide number of visitors and thus expand their name and brand.  They do a LOT of research on all sorts of different topics to insure that businesses who list with them are found on the appropriate web searches and come up further on the rankings of search engines.

They excel in helping web businesses locate their niche market and help those interested in locating those sites.  Their editors are experienced, motivated and experts on all sorts of categories to insure that your business site is publicized in the appropriate manor. Rather than advertise your business on a site that will melt into a conglomerate of other sites, Jasmine helps to promote your site by providing permanent back links to help your business grow.

I will be using Jasmine to promote my candle/soap site and possibly even our dachshund site. 

They are a 100% SEO friendly web directory whose main focus is getting hits to your site.  They instantly collect two "thumbshots" of your website to help enhance your listing.  Although its possible your listing may be turned down, but, if you don't try it, you won't know what could happen. has an excellent reputation for helping their customers publicize their business and gain networking on the world wide web. You can also submit an extra 5 deep links that can turn out to be some of the most accessed pages of your site.  Along with all your contact information, web address, etc.  you are also able to list your niche and what your website is all about.  All of which drives more traffic and visitors to your way.  Blog advertising is the the new age way to show off your business and Jasmine Business can do just that. 

I highly recommend them as a source of trafficking your site and hope that you will check them out. Just click here to see what they have to offer: Jasmine Directory

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Anonymous said...

WOW!...good to know,thanks for sharing!
You always have the neatest projects,I did not know you were in candle/soaps,going to check it out now.