May 10, 2011

Mothers Day and Monday Recap

Mothers Day is one of my favorite Sunday's of the year.  I have the BEST Mother in the world as well as two awesome grandmothers, a fantastic mother-in-law and grandmother in law.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  But, the best part is, we all live within about 5 miles of one another so I see them all very often.

This weekend I slept in too late on Saturday morning to wake up to hubby wanting to go to the local nursery to buy some seeds and plants for our garden as well as some flowers for our "mothers".
After trying to get the nursery owner to adopt or hire me, we came home with 30 tomato plants, 20 different pepper plants, 20 broccoli, 8 cauliflower, 8 cabbages, 8 leaf lettuces, 8 eggplants, corn and bean seed and I lots of mothers day flowers.

After our plant shopping we went to Walmart for a grocery run and also to get baskets and seats for our new bikes.  We've been riding them a LOT and realized the seats that came with them....not so comfy.  After all that I worked on a pallet chair I'm making my mom for her birthday and also made a nifty umbrella/hat rack out of a piece of barn wood for my grandmother. 

The barn belonged to my great-grandmother.  After a big snow storm this past December, it started to collapse.  I have memories of playing in the barn as a child and fishing in the small pond in front of their house.  The barn and the house is made from wormy chestnut.  SO..I immediately called my grandparents and great aunt asking their permission to get some of the wood to use for some projects.

I was able to make my grandmother a super-cool coat/umbrella rack out of a piece of the wood.  I'm not sure what I will do with the other pieces we were able to bring home.  Unfortunately the next day a man came and took the majority of the wood and collapsed the remainder of the barn.  I was unaware that my grandfather had given them permission to take down the barn for the materials.  I might try to sneak out some tin.  There was a LOT of rusty tin.  At the time I didn't know how valuable it was or I would have been hoarding it.  Until I found this website:
Check out the beautiful rusted tin ceiling.  I SO want that in my dream log home we will day.  It would be so special to have come from this barn.  : (

Sunday hubby and I went biking  (around 7 miles) with my hopefully one-day-to-be sister-law (was that the appropriate amount of hyphens?) Ashley.  It was hard especially since we had already biked around 6 miles the two days before.  Its not flat land here people..its up hill and down, hard biking.  In case you haven't heard.  Shout out to the Mars Hill College's (our little private, 1000ish student school) cycling team for being #1 in the nation in front of Mesa State College and  MIT. 


Rachael West said...

Ok I'm pouting for you that the wood was taken... that sucks so bad. At least you got a few peices but dang - I'd be back over there picking up tin asap for my ceiling :+)

ash said...

haha I'm DEFINITELY feeling all that biking this week. Talk about sore. But it was great exercise, thanks for including me! I know you guys were tired :)

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