May 13, 2011

DeWalt Drill & Drivers Me Crazy! New Tools Make Me Drool...

I have started my tool collection.  I only had the basics-hammer, screwdrivers, measuring tape, etc.  Hubby has almost every tool known to man but, his are typically with him on his work truck so I need my own for home.  I WILL be doing something besides housework this weekend.  But first, I thought I would show off my new toys in hopes that this weekend I will be able to put them to the test. 

First and foremost, my new DeWalt Drill/Driver combo pack.  It somes complete in a cute yellow bag to carry them around in.  And, its quite compact which makes it easier to hide from my husband (so far its been under the bed, in the china cabinet, closet, my sock drawer..he keeps finding it!  The one time I ask him to fold some clothes..sheesh).   
Its a new 12 volt with a lithium ion battery so its very lightweight (and cute). 

The set also came with a "driver" which according to hubby is "awesome"

Tool Bag

Battery Charger

While we were "tool shopping" I noticed this kit for the Dremmel Tool.  I've only used my Dremmel a few times and hope to get a lot more use out of it in the future.  I saw more Dremmel attachments I would love to try out, but I had already gone over my budget for the night.

Dremmel Tool Kit

I got my Dremmel out of the bag and charged it up so,
 it would be ready fora project, whatever it may be!

We will most likely be working in our garden again this weekend.  We have been working hard to get it prepared for planting.  We already have a few things in the ground.  By Monday we should have a lot of things accomplished and growing.  Hopefully Blogger will keep working so I can share them all with you. 

I also have a review coming up that I'm looking forward to!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Rachael West said...

Hubs has been talking about buying a Dremmel... maybe I should look into it :+)

Amy said...

With the mess of blogger. I wanted to let you know I have my Round Robin up until Monday.. Have a great weekend..