May 23, 2011

DIY Reed Diffuser Vases-I'm Such a Copycat

I got a catalog in the mail from one of those big candle companies.  They have begun selling reed diffusers that look like a vase of fresh flowers rather than just a jar with wooden sticks.

Because, they were $20 and I KNEW  I could replicate them.  Maybe even make them prettier (theirs appeared to be a little stingy on the flowers-so, I headed to the dollar store.  I found a sweet pea reed diffuser for $4 and picked out two small bunches of flowers.  One was $1 and the other was $3.

First, I popped the blooms off the ends of the plastic stems.  I got some burgundy flowers that resemble peonies and also a bunch of white dogwoods (our state flower).

I thought the plastic ends would fit right onto the wooden reeds but, the openings on the bottoms of the flowers were too small.  I tried gluing them on with the glue gun but that didn't work either.  SO, I took a small kitchen knife and lightly trimmed some off the top of the reeds. 

Ta-da!  They fit right onto the flowers.  (sorry the pictures are so bad.  I was trying to take them myself as I was doing this; almost lost a finger.  ; )

After trimming all the reeds and placing the flowers on the ends I arranged them back in the diffuser scent.  It turned out beautiful!  And, smells even better.  The best part is, I spent $8 rather than $20. : )

Go out and make yourself a nice vase of flowers that will smell great for months!

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