May 23, 2011

DIY Reed Diffuser Vases-I'm Such a Copycat

I got a catalog in the mail from one of those big candle companies.  They have begun selling reed diffusers that look like a vase of fresh flowers rather than just a jar with wooden sticks.

Because, they were $20 and I KNEW  I could replicate them.  Maybe even make them prettier (theirs appeared to be a little stingy on the flowers-so, I headed to the dollar store.  I found a sweet pea reed diffuser for $4 and picked out two small bunches of flowers.  One was $1 and the other was $3.

First, I popped the blooms off the ends of the plastic stems.  I got some burgundy flowers that resemble peonies and also a bunch of white dogwoods (our state flower).

I thought the plastic ends would fit right onto the wooden reeds but, the openings on the bottoms of the flowers were too small.  I tried gluing them on with the glue gun but that didn't work either.  SO, I took a small kitchen knife and lightly trimmed some off the top of the reeds. 

Ta-da!  They fit right onto the flowers.  (sorry the pictures are so bad.  I was trying to take them myself as I was doing this; almost lost a finger.  ; )

After trimming all the reeds and placing the flowers on the ends I arranged them back in the diffuser scent.  It turned out beautiful!  And, smells even better.  The best part is, I spent $8 rather than $20. : )

Go out and make yourself a nice vase of flowers that will smell great for months!

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Rachael West said...

Very cool, these would make great gifts too!

Sheila said...

you are too darn crafty! LOVE IT!

J.Richmore said...

kershaw knives

Good craft in the delicate flower stems. Your knife skills and precision are praise worthy.