May 14, 2011

Free Skillet when you buy a Dimplex Table Top Electric Grill

If you act fast, like before June 25th (so you have some time) and purchase a Dimplex Table Top Electric Grill, you will also receive a free cast iron skillet that fits on top.  It is portable, stainless steel, weatherproof and easy to use.
Electric Grill Promotion
This grill will cook anything a gas or charcoal grill would cook expect without the hassle of filling gas tanks or buying charcoal. Its electric element provides complete cooking and maintains it’s temperature so your food is grilled to perfection.  It also includes a grease collection system to catch all the mess from whatever food you are preparing. 
It is lightweight, compact and transportable, perfect for campers Its completely weatherproof and comes with a one year warranty. 
The cast iron skillet can be used to cook all sorts of other foods you would not typically cook on a grill such as pancakes, scrambled eggs, French fries, basically anything that would fall inside the cracks of a regular grill.  Just think of it the skillet as a non-stick pan that fits perfectly on your grill. And all you need to do is purchase the grill and get the skillet and shipping FREE. 
Must be ordered through to get this deal.

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