May 16, 2011

How to Grow Upside Down Tomato Plants-Redneck Style

Happy Monday!
This weekend went by too quickly as all of them seem to do.  We got alot accomplished around the house and had some time to work in our garden.  How I love gardening season.

I also made two of my annual "redneck tomato buckets".  All you need is an old five gallon bucket, so dirt, some tomatoes and a small piece of black gardening cloth.  You could even get by with a papertowel. 

Find an old bucket, I'm using two. I cleaned them with some bleach and water to make sure they didn't have any chemicals or anything in them that would hurt me or my plants. 

Then, I decided to first spraypaint my buckets.  I happened to have two cans of gold metallic that I had no idea what I would ever do with....

After two coats of spraypaint...and two big left over gold circles in our driveway (whoops!).  We have THESE:

After they dried I took my new DeWalt Drill (which is AWESOME by the way) with a 3/4" paddle bit and drilled a hole in the center of each bucket.

Disregard ugly attire and was muddy so I had to wear my Muck boots to the garden.

My drill bit was too small for my plants so I moved it around to make a bigger hole.
After drilling the holes in the bottoms I took a small piece of black gardening cloth and put in the bottom of each bucket.  I made a hole in the center of the cloth where the hole in the bucket was.  This is to help keep moisture and soil in the bucket with the plant.

After the cloth is in place I took my tomato plants out of their cardboard cups and carefully put the plant through the hole in the bottom.  Our basement stairway worked well for this because I could prop the bucket on the side while I worked the plant through the hole (my plants grew a LOT in the week I had them before planting.)
Once I got them through the hole in the bottom I poured it about 1/2 way full of potting soil.  Then I added a few cups of Black Kow fertilizing mixture. It is completely organic, helps retain moisture and nutrients, as well as saving the nutrients until the plant needs it.  This stuff is awesome and "green" -actually its black. ; )

After adding the Black Kow, I added more potting soil until the bucket was about 80% full.
Then it got too dark so I had to finish them the next day.

I hung my buckets up in a tree in our back yard with some hooks I got at Lowes.  I had to use some major nails to get through the bark and hold that much weight without falling.   The next day I took my buckets back down and added some flowers to the top to make it pretty.  Can't do that to one of those "as seen on tv" tomato planters.  I planted flowers that are drought resistant including a vine that will grow down the side and also some other that will get tall and pretty in the center (can't remember names). I used some yellow, white and orange. 

After watering them well, I placed them back on the hooks on the tree.  Hopefully in a month or so I will have tomatoes a few steps from my back door as well as a pretty bucket of flowers. 

The sign kind of takes away from the buckets, but, we mean it.  ; P

So now go make a Redneck Tomato Bucket and enjoy growing your own fresh tomatoes!

UPDATED PHOTOS:  After just one week my plants have taken off!  The flowers are growing great and I already have two baby tomatoes.  : D


Also I was FEATURED!!  I'm so happy and greatful to be featured by Megan over at Polish the Stars with my Rock Rug Project.  Thank you Megan!

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Deborah March said...

GREAT idea!! Thanks for letting us see how you did these!

HoneySage said...

Thanks for the fabulous tut! Thanks for sharing!

Rachael West said...

Very cool I knew I could make one myself I just never got around to it - great idea!

PS: I love that sign.

ash said...

haha I love the title of this post, first of all.

second, those are way cooler than that "topsy turvy tomato planter" thing they sell on TV.

third, painting stuff is a PAIN. Zach and I worked our BUTTS off last night, and we're still like barely halfway done with primer. I'm tempted to just spray paint and finger paint the place haha.

Laura Everyday Edits said...

love this idea! thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Those are great buckets.. The sign is amazing.. Thanks for linking up.. Have a great Monday..

Anonymous said...

Just call me redneck.This is how we grow maters too!,but I forgot to paint and add pretty flowers,guess what I'm gonna copy cat!
Hey if ya have the time come see what we did behind the barn.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! :)

AsylumTanya said...

This idea is AWESOME! I am totally going to do it. There is nothing as delicious as a home grown tomato! I am your newest follower. Come over to Greetings From the Asylum and follow me too!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I do not have a yard. Maybe I can just do this!

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check it out.

pbrenner said...

Fabulous idea! Thanks for showing us how you did it - my tomatoes got eaten by deer (sure hope they enjoyed them), so I'm starting over - if I hang these on my porch, I don't think they'll get to them :-)

BTW, I LOVE the sign on your tree, I may copycat that too lol