May 31, 2011

How to Grow Your Own Pineapple Plant

My aunt and my friend Barbara's son-Danny have been growing these for years.  They both have HUGE pineapple plants, trees, I'm not sure what they are actually called.  I've successfully planted two (that have grown).  One even grew a baby pineapple (before I killed it by leaving it outside too long in the fall and it froze).

SO here goes with growing your own pineapple plant/tree.......

First, buy a yummy pineapple.

This one was so ripe and delicious!

Next, chop off the top of the pineapple.  This is the tough part, if there is one.  You don't want to cut it off too thick or to thin.  A nice slice around 1/2 inch thick is about right.

Hubby is not a great photog.  He waits until I'm totally not expecting it. And, I'm not sure why it looks like I have something on the back of my neck.

Slice off the top of the pineapple.

I finished trimming the sides.  Still have a little work to do cleaning it up.  This pineapple was so sweet and delicious I didn't want to waste any of it so I cut out all the little brown things as I sliced it into rings (I'm really using technical terminology on this post, aren't I?).

I found a small pot I had spray painted silver for some reason, and filled it 3/4 up with potting soil.

Placed the pineapple top down flat into the potting soil and used a little more dirt to cover the top.

The key to growing these well is to keep them watered and re-potting when necessary. 
They will get large so you have to adjust the pots accordingly.  That, and store them inside in the winter unless you live somewhere that's isn't FREEZING like it is here. 

I placed a ziploc bag torn up one side on top of my plant to help keep in moisture (a tip from my wonderful Aunt Melanie-the expert grower of pineapples).  They need to be kept moist. I placed the pot in a clear water collection pan so it could keep any drained water there for it to soak up.  Place it somewhere sunny and wait for it to start growing.  It should begin to grow from the middle of the plant.  Don't worry if some of the outside leaves turn brown.  You can look down inside and see new ones forming.  Also, I always water mine by pouring the water through the middle of the plant and it spreads out evenly. 

Hopefully one day it will look like this:

Ananas Cosmos
Courtesey: Plants for Presents

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Rachael West said...

WOW I love that last photo makes me want to grow one asap - I 100% will be trying this thanks for all the tips!

Miss Charming said...

I'll be trying this! How long does it usually take to start seeing some growth?

Marianne said...

This is so cool. I want to try this too. Hopefully my husband won't kill it while the kids and I are gone for the summer.