May 20, 2011

It's My Mom's Birthday So Guess What I Made her..yep, a Pallet Chair

Happy Birthday Mom (If you really even READ my blog)!!!

I decided to make her pallet chair for her birthday to go outside her shop where she does pet grooming and boarding.  She breeds teacup poodles and is a professional groomer.  There are constantly customers in and out so this would give them a nice spot to sit out on her patio.  Or, for her to take a break in between mutts (just kidding, they are all great dogs I'm sure; except for those few who have bitten her....mutts). 

I made this chair the same way I did the original pallet chair, with a few minor improvements here and there.  I added an additional leg in the front for more support.  I also added arms.  Because the pallets I used in this chair were rounded on the corners it gave it an overall better look. And its VERY comfortable. 

Once I had finished the chair (hubby helped with the arms).  I decided to paint it a light color.  I'm not sure what its called because the gallon of paint was on sale and they didn't bother putting the name of the color on the can.  But, it is Olympic Wood Protector for Siding and Fences.  Should be great for the outdoor chair.

It looks like a cafe-au-lait color but lightened some as it dried.  I am planning on putting another coat on this afternoon.  Pray it doesn't rain!!  Then, I am going to paint a poodle on the chair and the name of her shop, kind of jazz it up a little.

I hope she likes it!  Luckily I have another day to finish it since my dad took her out of town for the weekend (so sweet).  They celebrated their 40th anniversary this past Christmas eve and are both so special to me.

Wish me luck for free handing again......hope I can draw a decent poodle.  ; )  I'll put up a picture of the final product this weekend.

Just to throw in some cuteness, here is a picture of our new litter of miniature dachshund puppies.  They were three weeks old this past Thursday.  They are just learning to walk and growl.  One of them gets really angry when I pet it...its hilarious!  

P.S.  I still didn't get time to do the project I've been hinting around at.  I PROMISE it will be done this weekend so check back Monday for a really cool and cheap project.  You are going to love it!

UPDATE:  I finished my mom's chair this weekend.  She wanted me to paint it with the words Perfect Poodle Pets which is her website as well as some poodles.  I'm not real good at free hand but, this is what i came up wtih.  She loved it. 

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