May 3, 2011

It's a sign!

I finally made a sign for our kennel! (Footlong  

I have wanted to paint one since the kennel was built but you know how it goes...busy doing this and that then all of a sudden it's two years later and, I still don't have a sign.  I received a free paint sample from Valspar a few weeks ago, and came up with enough colors to paint the sign.

First, I took a piece of left over lumber from building the building itself; then, I covered it with two coats of Valspar: coffee left over from painting a room in the house. After that, dried I started with a printed picture of our logo and drew it freehand onto the board lightly in pencil.

You may not be able to see the logo, I was trying to do it lightly.

Next, I began painting the letters and the little doggie front and back.  It did NOT turn out perfect by any means but, at least now I have a sign that looks somewhat like the logo.

The next day I went over it with a second coat of all the colors then a heavy coat of polyurethane.

At least it should alert people that they are at the correct house when they land in our driveway.  And, before you start leaving comments saying that my sign is crooked (Rach, ; ) ) it was dark when I hung it, and I was leaning sideways off a ladder trying to balance the heavy sign and hold it in place while hammering in a 10 penny nail. 

SO..the board is hung with only one nail in the middle.  I'm surprised it's still up there.  Hubby is going to level it and finish it for me, or at least hold the ladder (hopefully within the next two years).

So, what do you think?  See a career in sign making for me?  I didn't think so. : p

This has absolutely nothing to do with this post but, just because it is beautiful, here is a picture of an azalea in our backyard.  I love seeing it when I get home from work.  I hope it continues to bloom for a few more weeks. 


Rachael West said...

Bahahaha first off you totally pegged me because I 100% noticed it being slightly "off" although after yesterday I figure I should keep my lips sealed :+)

I love the sign, you did an awesome job I can't believe it was freehand!

Have a great day!

Cat said...

Your sign turned out great! I think you can sell them.
Found you at Tip Junkie.

Tammy said...

Looks great. I didn't realize how big the lumber was until I saw it compared to your feet on that one pic, so good job trying to hang that big thing up there on a ladder all by yourself! Your newest follower.

Sheila said...

oh wow - i think you didn't an AWESOME job!!!
Crooked or not! LOL!

Mike Thornhill Photography said...
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Mike Thornhill Photography said...

Nice logo.