May 13, 2011

Men are from Mars Women Plant Venus Fly Traps

Okay..maybe just me.

I've had Vinny for three years.  He (or maybe she, who knows?) has bloomed the last two years.  I was in Lowes and saw more venus fly traps at the beginning of spring, so I snatched one up.  It seems they are only on sale on each year and sell out quickly.

Since Vinny's been blooming, he has grown a lot.  Pretty much outgrown his little terrarium, so I decided to look up how to transplant them and put him in a bigger container.  I watched a video online and did everything step by step according to their instructions.

First, I got the appropriate soil and perlite to use in the container.  Next, I got a big pretty glass container at Walmart for $5. 
Sphagnum Peat Moss


I then mixed 3/4 parts sphagnum moss 1/4 perlite.  Moisten the soil and fill your container about 1/3 of the way up.  Then you gently remove your fly trap from the old container.  Be careful to hold the leaves up easily as you clean the old dirt off the roots as much as possible.

Next, make a small hole in the dirt and place the roots in the hole.  Don't pack the dirt to tightly around the plant as the roots need to breathe.  I then added Vinny's new pal in the container with him.  After both traps were planted I put a layer of floral moss around the top of the container to help keep the soil moist.

And complete! Inside or out you have a wonderful space for a venus fly trap.  They also make interesting centerpieces.


ash said...

Aww he looks happy in his new house :) At the Starbucks near my house, they have a ton of these guys sitting around the shop to catch flies (they get bad in the summer down there). They're really effective!

Rachael West said...

Whoa I love Vinny - too cool now I want one :+)