May 24, 2011

My Grandmothers Umbrella Holder Made From Barn Wood

If you read my post regarding our family barn that fell, or was falling, then you know we scavenged some wood from it before it was basically GIVEN away.

My grandmother mentioned that she would like a small piece of the wood we collected to make an umbrella rack or holder to go inside her front door.  SO, I decided to make one for her for her birthday day.

I picked out a piece of the wood that looked pretty rustic (not that it all doesn't)  And measured off the size I needed to fit inside her door.  Then I cut the board to size with the skill saw.

I went to Lowes and picked up some hooks.  I got the doubles so she could hang the umbrellas on the bottom and maybe hats or coats on the top.  I brushed the board with a wire brush to remove loose dirt and debris.  Then sprayed it with a thin coat of polyurethane spray (that stuff is handy!). 

Then I measured out the spacing between the hooks and began screwing them in.

It turned out pretty nice.

Now she has a nice memento from the barn her parents built over 100 years ago. She liked it so much I received the sweetest thank you card in the mail from her a few days later.  : ) 

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Rachael West said...

Very simple but yet beautiful, what a wonderful gift.

Unknown said...

So I tried to email you this link, but your email doesn't exist! OH well so here it is.

I was blog stalking you the other day and came across the pallet chairs you made for outside. Super cute.
Then I was blog stalking some where else and I found that they made a pallet bookshelf. Just though you would totally dig it. THe link is below