May 4, 2011

See Rock Ruggy

First off I must admit this was NOT my idea.  I saw it on a web link party I took place in a few weeks ago.  I tried to find the rightful owner who originally came up with the idea, but I did not bookmark it and feel bad even posting it.  If this is your idea...kudos to you on a great project!  And PLEASE  let me know. I would love to give you credit for your tutorial.  

But, since I spent almost $20 on rocks and $25 on caulk, I would share my new creation.

I am constantly replacing rugs inside our back door.  It is where we all come and go and my husband's boots are always filthy!  We ruin a lot of rugs.  I am tired of paying so much for them and then they just wear out or getting too dirty to wash and must be replaced.

SO..first I measured the space where I wanted the rug to go.  With my new really cool measuring tape.  I wrote my initials on it. : )

Next, I began my search for stones.  I found them at Lowes (of course) for 1/2 price.  They were $2.50 for a 2lb bag.  It took 6 bags to complete this rug.  I also used 3 tubes of clear waterproof caulk.

I cut a piece of plywood (which was the cheap particle board kind) to fit in the space I needed.  It was roughly 24" wide and 54" long.  Next, I sanded it down with 80 grain sandpaper.  I used the caulk gun to apply caulk to the board and arrange the stones to fit together as best I could. 

(Diesel decided to help by chewing up a piece of sandpaper.)

After I figured out how to actually open a tube of caulk I just
smeared it all over the board and began placing the rocks.

It did take awhile to get them arranged, and I used way more caulk than I expected.  After using up all the stones and another run to Lowes (to buy their last two bags of stones) I completed the "rug". 

I tried filling in the gaps with leftover caulk but it seemed to make more of a mess.  So, I finished it with a coating of clear polyurethane. 

Almost finished!

In its new home!

I will probably paint the sides of the board a brownish color.

I lined the bottom of the board with that plastic mesh rug backing stuff I don't know the proper name of... to protect the floor.  Now we have an awesome "rug" that I can take outside and hose off.  It traps dirt when hubby wears his dirty boots in the house; and it looks cool, which of course is my main goal.  It is a little hard to stand on in socks.

SO...go to the store, the creek or the driveway and make yourself a rug.  They rock!
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