May 30, 2011

Seriously? All in One Day...Seriously??

I'm feeling two posts coming on today so be prepared.  Hopefully this one will be the only ranting one. 

But, what else could go wrong in one day (I should probably never ask that question)?

First off, I'm borrowing my dad's car for awhile (long story).  The power steering has been making scrubbing noises lately so I have to add fluid every few days.  And, it has no A/C.  It was around 90 degrees here yesterday (at least 100 in the sweltering car).  After I had driven about 10 miles, I looked down to see that I was going 0-mph.  I freaked out and called hubby to ask him if the car was safe to drive/could be connected to power steering, etc.  He said "what choice do you have, I think it's fine."  So, I kept going.  After about 5 more miles I look down and the switch FLEW from 0 to 95!  At the same time I was getting passed by an 85 year old woman in a minivan.  I was NOT going 95.  They gauge stayed on 95 until I reached the office.
I parked under a nice shady tree hoping the car would be cooler when my appt. was over.  I rolled each window down about 1 1/2 inches.  I got out of the car and the entire back of my shirt was dripping with sweat.  It was green so it just looked soaking wet.  Not to mention the rest of me. Make-up smeared all over my face, you get the picture.  All the while looking forward to telling them the great news once I got inside.  Thank God for me my doctor is super cool and told me to "Stop being silly, its no big deal".  : )  Now it's over for the year!

I leave the office and head home.  Still, hot as Haiti's-get in the car and head home.  You see, a month or so ago the drivers window stopped rolling up.  I took it to my grandfather and uncle who are mechanics.  They searched part dealers across the whole US of A and found ONE part to fix the window.  My grandfather said:  "Don't break the other side because I that's the only part like that in the world."

I got home, pulled in the driveway flying....dreaming of unlocking to door and standing naked in front of the window A/C unit for about 10 minutes.  Put the car in park, pulled the break, rolled up my window, pushed the button to roll up the passenger window, glanced over to make sure it was up-nothing.  I thought, okay....I'll reach over and use the button on the other door, must be the button....nothing.   No clicking, no rolling up.  The only thing I could think was not again!  So I went inside dripping with sweat and sat in front of the A/C totally frustrated.

Hubby got home, took the panel off and tried to fix it but couldn't. SO what do you think happened next?  That's right, this:
We had to hurry up put the panel back on the door and pull it under the carport.  I then proceeded to duct tape and wrap the door in plastic thinking I could water proof it enough to drive to work on Friday.  FORGET it.  Although I had wrapped that sucker up like a diaper on a baby it was just dripping in directly on the seat.  Then, Friday night I was waiting to turn on the news and see some crazy guy building an ark.  Finally yesterday the rain subsided, the sun came out and it was a muggy hot day.  We were able to get outside and let our dogs play in their pool.  They had a blast. 

For the last few day's I've been bumming rides to and fro.  We dropped the car off at my grandfathers to see what he can do to fix the car window.  He mentioned something about "putting a stick in it to prop it up permanently".  Boy its going to be one hot summer.  ; )  As far as the speedometer, well, I've heard you can get out of a ticket that way. 
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