May 19, 2011

What a strange night. This was NOT the post I had hoped for.

I really wanted to go home and do a small project I have been thinking about for months.  One stop at the Dollar Store (have I mentioned how much I love that place) and I had all the necessary goods to put it together.

Hubby comes home from work as I am unloading my stash of goods, tired from a long day and asks if I will

Hubby:  "Will you go town with me to work on a man's toilet and look at his water heater?"

Me: "Yeay! Sure I would LOVE to go work on a toilet (totally filled with sarcasim).

Hubby: "It won't take long and I need some company and motivatition"

Me: (reluctantly) "ok, I guess I can go"

SO....we drove about 45 minutes to a very upscale neighborhood beside a lake.  Hubby began talking to the man about his plumbing issues and commenced checking pressure on an outside faucet with a guage.  I'm not going to get all technical plumbing on you, but the man's pressure reducing valve was broken and he had to have a new one.  Then we go upstairs and his water heater had leaked, flooded the house and there were dehumidifiers and huge fans everywhere!  The insurance company had already sent in the house drying people (real technical) so they wouldn't have to deal with mold etc. 

There was an ADORABLE little girl there named Eva.  She was four years old.  We played lego's for two hours while Hubby fixed the toilet and her father went to Home Depot for parts we were not expecting to need.  Another hour or so went by and hubby was underneath the house working on the valve.  I was upstairs now talking to the sweet wife and baby girl Amelia (14 months). 

Hubby text'd me and asked to carry tools to him under the house (I HATE SPIDERS).  I was so scared to even crawl back in there in the darkness.  All I could see was his flashlight way far away (like 40 yards; this house was  massive).  I get the tools to him and he continues to work.  After about 20 minutes of stting in the dark at 11:30 he finished the valve. I began crawling out, literally, carrying tools from under the creepy crawl space.  I got to the entrace of the space to climb out into the yard and all I saw were flames.  Their neighbors house was on FIRE!  It was like midnight and it was crackling and popping with huge flames.  The family we were working for hadn't even noticed.  I began yelling for him to come outside and everyone was in shock.

The firetruck came within minutes and had the fire under control.  It apparently was an elderly couple and began in their garage.  They got out safely, thank God. 

Hubby packs up all this tools and goes to turn the water back on to the house to check the valve. He went back underneath and due to the firetruck pumping massive amounts of water next door, it blew the valve off again!!  He is  going back tonight to install a new water heater and valve.  I guess he will then see what the damage was.  I hope not too bad.

We got home around 2am.  After eating and showering it was 4am.  Then back up at 7 for work.  I'm EXHAUSTED!


Rachael West said...

There is no way in H-E double LL that I would have been able to go to sleep for three hours and go to work, my ass would have taken a sick day for sure... your a trooper I tell ya.

Sheila said...

Agree!!!! You should've stayed home and in bed! Work could wait...i don't think i could function!

DebWestbury said...

You can not say it was a borin evening...and it also sounds like you have a husband that anyone would lo to have as a handyman...

Joan said...

Live and Learn