June 8, 2011

Angel Trumpet, sorry I neglected you for so long..

We have been so busy with our garden lately that I have neglected the Angel Trumpet my grandmother gave me.  It was rooted in a milk jug cut in half and poured full of sand. 

I finally got around to picking out a location in the yard last night and planting it.  On the side of the milk jug it said-Orange.  I suppose that is the color the blooms are going to be. 

I dug a big hole, planted it and of course covered it back up.  Then watered it lovingly. ; ) 

I have grown an Angel Trumpet almost each year.  My grandmother has a magic touch when it comes to rooting them year after year and starting more plants in her basement throughout the winter.  She says "just cut a piece off and stick it in some sand".  She makes everything sound so easy.

It might not look like much now but, after a few months of some serious sunlight, these grow to be massive!  The blooms are around 5" long and beautiful!  I hope that I didn't kill it by leaving it in the milk jug too long.  I've had it over two weeks.  That, or since we were out of mulch I used some pine shavings that I use for our dogs to help hold in moisture.  I don't know about you guys but, we haven't had much rain for weeks!

I hope you are at home growing right now little trumpet.  I will post some pictures later in the summer of how it turns out. 

My grandmother also gave us this cute apple tree.  Who knows how long before we actually get any apples from the tree, but its cute. : )

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I will be having another awesome giveaway next week that I am SO excited about sharing with you.  It has made my week so much better already! : P

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Rachael West said...

I can't wait to see photos of your trumpet once it blooms :o) and Thank YOU for the shout out!