June 21, 2011

Clean + Green by SeaYu

The wonderful folks over at SeaYu, including Quincy and her furry "6th child" Simon, sent me a package of their pet-safe Clean + Green Cleaning products.

We breed miniature dachshunds as well as have a German shepherd, needless to say, it is hard to keep the place clean.  I am always worried about using products that are harmful to our furry children.  I can't help but think if these prodcuts smell so strong that I get a headache, what are they doing to our dogs?

"CLEAN+GREEN® are natural pet stain + odor removers. Their line of eco-friendly, green cleaning products are made from organic and biodegradable ingredients and packaged so you can recycle the container - now you can clean green! For green pet cleaning, use effective, non toxic, organic home cleaning supplies and keep an environmentally friendly home - with pets."

Clean+Green offers a line of green home cleaning supplies for green carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal, green wood & tile floor cleaning, and green furniture cleaning for pet urine removal, pet stain removal and pet odor removal.

The products work on cat urine, dog urine, vomit, hairballs, bird droppings, and small animal urine. They eliminate odors and clean up any nasty mess your little pets can make.

We were able to try out their Furniture Refresher for Dogs, Wood and Tile Cleaner for Dogs and Concrete and Grout Cleaner for Dogs.

I immediately wanted to try out the Furniture Refresher.  This is Diesel's (german shepherd) couch.  We call it his because it typically stays coated in hair and is a little smelly.  I advise people who come over to sit on the other couch.  It also has a small stain.

I sprayed the couch with the fresher and waited a few minutes to let it do its thing.  Then I went over it with a microfiber cloth to remove any debris and try to remove the stain. 

Not only did it make it smell like new, it also removed the stain.  Hubby was impressed with the smell.  It also helped remove the dog hair.  As I was wiping with the cloth, the hair seemed to wipe right off!

Next came the Wood and Tile Cleaner. Our dachshunds are pretty reliable when it comes to using their indoor potty patch.  But, sometimes they are lazy about climbing all the way up on it.  SO, that leaves me with dog pee around the patch.  I usually use potty pads under the grass to help collect the extra and make it more sanitary and easier to clean. I cleaned the patch and then the area around it.

Not only did it easily remove all the dog pee, it left our floor a lot shinier. The scent is hardly noticeable, I'm sure it is much easier on our doggies noses. I couldn't be more pleased with the product.

Our final test was the concrete cleaner.  When dachshunds don't want to go out in the weather and do their business, guess where it happens?  That's right!  On our front porch which is untreated concrete.  We end up with this!

Unless hubby gets out the pressure washer, there's not a lot we can do about the stains they leave behind.  UNTIL NOW!  I sprayed the stains with the concrete and grout cleaner and let it soak in a few minutes. 

Then, I simply went back with a rag and wiped it off.  AHMAZING!

You can even see the little glittery white pieces of stone in the concrete. 
I want to spray my entire porch with this!

You can't get the true picture unless you were here to witness it, but I haven't seen our concrete this clean since last summer.  It removed everything!  And, I didn't even have to scrub.  The stain just kind of disappeared!  

I would recommend ANY of these products to pet owners.  They have special formulas for all different types of cleaning tasks and pets.

The great folks over at Clean + Green are offering up a FREE canister of your choice of their cleaners for you to try out!  Please check out their facebook or twitter sites for more information about SeaYu and Clean + Green. 

To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment saying which of their products you want to try out!

The winner will be chosen next Tuesday, June 28th!  Good luck! 


Zach Blankenship said...

I'd like to have the Furniture Re freshener for Dogs, It might come in handy.

Joan said...

I would love to try any of their products. Especially the wood/tile cleaner.

Joan said...

I am also a follower!

choppy said...

I think I would try the furniture refresher.

choppy said...

I'm a follower.

Sam the Eagle said...

I've never heard of a hardwood floor product!
I would love to try hat on my farmhouse floors!

Sam the Eagle said...

Heck with 4 dogs I'd try any of them!

Rachael West said...

I'd love to try the furniture refresher :o) Thanks for hosting!

ash said...

i'd like the wood cleaner. little flynn is usually pretty good about using the potty pad, but sometimes misses and goes just beside it. it would be helpful for cleaning!

Mike Thornhill Photography said...

Manny & Lily could use some of the cat carpet/upholstery cleaner. Almost done with the last can of Spot Shot, so it's time to restock--which means this would be a perfect time to try something new. Can I sign them up as followers, too, to triple our chances?

Mike Thornhill Photography said...

Follower #1.

Mike Thornhill Photography said...

Follower #2.

Joan said...

I live in a dog house.

Joan said...

Follow Follow Follow

Anonymous said...

Have loved and owned more dogs than Noah could have carried on the ark. I will be trying the carpet cleaner -- even though my four legged friends are housebroke, accidents are inevitable.

TristanThomas said...

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