June 15, 2011

E.O. Hair Care Products and Giveaway!

I was sooo excited to have the opportunity to try out E.O. Hair Care Products from E.O. Products.

E.O. Products is a family owned and operated company who is a Certified Organic Manufacturer of personal care products using the highest grade natural and certified organic ingredients. They create products that are natural, gentle, effective and free from animal testing.  Focusing on essential oils with no additives.

E.O. says: "It is our mission and our privilege to develop our own innovative and efficacious formulas, source our natural ingredients, manufacture, and find the most environmentally friendly packaging to fill and ship each and every EO® product"  Not only do they care about the planet, their customers, their family, but they also give back to lots of other organizations.  I am so impressed with their company and products.

I waited, not so patiently for my bottle of shampoo and conditioner to arrive in the mail.  Finally, after (a few days) what seemed like forever, I receive a package from E.O.

After tearing into it I found this!!

A Hair Care Kit!  I was just expecting shampoo!

And, it was nicely packaged in with their "EarthAware" Recycled Fillers.

Score!  I immediately started browsing through all the wonderful items they sent me.

The kit included:
  • 3 packages (shampoo/conditioner) of Rose Geranium-My ultimate favorite)
  • 1 package French Lavender (shampoo/conditioner)
  • 1 bottle of Wild Lime and Ginger Shampoo and one conditioner
  • 1 bottle of Rosemary and Cedar wood Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • 1 bottle of Wild Rose and Coconut Serum
  • 1 bottle of French Lavender Detangling Spray
  • 1 jar of Coconut and Vanilla Tame Curl Control Gel
  • 1 jar of Lavender and Coconut Nourishing Hair Cream
Needless to say I couldn't wait to get started using their products.  So, here are a few before and after photos of my rats nest like hair.  I have pretty thick, naturally curly (frizzy) hair.  I typically either use gel and let it air dry or mainly flat iron it everyday.  Plus I desperately need a cut, so my ends are terrible.  But..here goes:

This is me, after a long day at work and some chores.

I decided to go with the Rose Geranium shampoo/conditioner and try out the Wild Rose and Coconut Serum.  While I was showering the whole roomed filled with the wonderful scent of the shampoo/conditioner.  Sometimes I have issues with Shampoo's that don't lather.  There was no problem with this.  It was amazing!  The conditioner was just the same.  AMAZING scent and left my hair feeling so soft and silky.  The whole time I was showering I felt as if I had been whisked away to some luxurious spa...it was heavenly.  

After washing with the Rose Geranium Shampoo/Conditioner I put a few drops of the Rose & Coconut Serum.  It was more like an oil, but really helped my dry ends.

I couldn't wait to try out the rest of their products.

I've tried using the curling gel to help tame frizz, and using the straightening iron less. I still have some frizz but I'm blaming a lot of it on the weather here.  We've had lots of rain which makes my hair frizz up like a Pomeranian.

This is just using a small amount of the curling gel.  It would probably look better if I had used more but I'm being stingy with it because I want it to last FOREVER.

As a matter of fact, I have already ordered a full size shampoo/conditioner in the Rose Geranium as well as the body wash and lotion.  If it smells as amazing as the shampoo I'm going to have my own little spa bliss at home.  : )


After (and this is with no flat ironing or anything!)

I can honestly say that I am a huge believer in EO Products now.  I can't wait until my shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body wash arrive.  I am sold on their essential oils and wonderful scents.  And, one lucky reader will get to be in the same hair heaven that I have been in. E.O. Products is so generous they are offering to send a reader the same hair kit to try out.  Please don't judge based solely on my photos.  My hair has improved more and more over the past week as I continue to use their products.

SO..if you want to win this wonderful kit, all you need to do is, "like" E.O. Products on Facebook.  You can leave one comment saying that you "liked" them, AND you can leave another comment for a second entry if you are a follower or RSS Subscriber of this blog!  That's two big entries per person.  

I will draw the winner via Random.org next Wednesday, June 22nd.  Good luck!  

Confirmation Code: GSDBXNN15520933


Nicole Bettray said...

I like EO on facebook!

Nicole Bettray said...

And I'd looooove to try their hare care products! As someone with absolutely no skills in the hair dept. I need all the help I can get!

Linda Davis Siess said...

I like EO on FB, and am excited for a chance to win! Thanks for your great descriptions and photos - the scents sound divine and your hair is lovely!

ladydi115 said...

I like EO on FB! That's how I heard about you. Diana gervits gottlieb. I have hair similar to yours and this looks awesome. I need something to help the frizz.

Rachael West said...

I "liked" EO on FB - thanks for the chance :o)

Anonymous said...

i liked them! I like EO

Anonymous said...

oops..my name is Blondell K. Chadwick..I liked them on FB

ash said...

I liked the EO hair products on facebook! :)

ash said...

I'm also a follower.

choppy said...

I liked them on FB and I would love to try their shampoo

choppy said...

I'm a follower.

Joan said...

I like them on FB. I would love to try their kit.

Joan said...

I am also a follower.

Sam the Eagle said...

What a difference!

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