June 20, 2011

Gardening is fun! Isn't it?

We have grown a garden for the past four years.  Each year our garden gets bigger and becomes more and more work.  Although I LOVE the fresh veggies, I don't love all the work that comes with it. 

Hubby and I have spent the last two months prepping the soil, planting, weeding, etc.  The last two weeks all we have had is rain and hail storms.  Currently, this is our garden.  Its completely flooded.  All our plants are sitting in water and getting eaten alive by bugs.

Our three rows of corn.  One is Indian Corn which we have never grown before.

Our tomato plants after sprinkling them with organic bug repellent.

Our cucumber plants, looking hopeful.

The lettuce plants are in the best location, aka not living in a pond.  I also planted marigolds around them, supposedly they keep the critters away.

Our garden from the other side, still sitting in water. 

I didn't ever think I would pray for a week or so without rain, but I am totally hoping for that.  We have green beans, pepper, potatoes, eggplants, watermelon, okra, onions, etc that are drowning!  And, to beat it all the forecast is for RAIN everyday this week.  Errrrrrr!   I'm wondering if it is more cost effective to purchase our veggies from the local farmers market rather than put in all this work and have terrible results. : (  Pray for a drought for us.  At least for 2-3 days.

Also, sad news...our little bird we tried to rescue has passed on.  He lived through the night and most of the the next day.  I made him a perch with a small limb and he sat on it happily for a few hours.  Then I saw him lying in the bottom of the cage.  Shortly after he stopped breathing.  It was sad.  Hubby had to bury him.  : (

P.S.  Today is our 13th anniversary!!   (Yes, we got married YOUNG!)

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ash said...

Congrats on your 13 year anniversary. I don't know how you guys did it! :) Hopefully there will just be isolated tstorms that won't have a lot of rain.