June 24, 2011

My Dad Has Developed His Own Language.

My parent's started with Blackberries a few years ago.  They soon became texting/app addicts.  It got to the point where we would have family gatherings and my little brother and I would have to tell my parent's to stop texting/talking on the phone's so we could "spend some quality time together".  It was pretty humorous.

My mom has since upgraded to an android phone.  She has become even more text savvy.  Now teaching me how to use my phone and new apps to download.

The mistake came when she helped my dad download an app for his Blackberry that would convert speech to text.  To say we all began getting strange messages would be an understatement.  We now have to try and decider his messages.  Some of which are impossible. 

Dad, aka Choppy

But, I will be at work, get a message from my dad and bust out in laughter.  Here are some samples of texts I have received from him:

Dad:  That's good will be calm Thursday my have to give it to when I get back on Sunday.
Dad:  Dentist this morning her win Tennessee.
Dad:  Going to Sumerville pick up some lumber go home go to Vegas.
Dad:  Are you doing ok we're getting ready to go Yoda Yoda Yoda
Dad:  W****** all the water coming from Tiffany!
Dad:  Have a good day!  Going to her Wayne in see the be nice today.
Dad:  Going to see a dentist dr baby I am. 
Dad:  Are you there do you think?
Dad:  W
Dad:  Are you okay I said about your work place in a moment.
Dad:  Are you a super is more I use a slurpee for will drive?
Dad:  Call the you p place find out trash new so, sleepy.

He had me at slurpee for will drive.  Someone needs to delete this app off his phone.  I'm not sure that he needs to be texting via speach.  He also text'd one of his coworkers that he loved him. My family and I get together and read our funny messages from him.  He sends them to everyone!  My mom and little brother have a lot more that are just as silly or more so than mine.  It is definitely come comic relief.  I must admit, he is much better when he uses his fingers like everyone else.  But he loves his app and we love him.  : )

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Rachael West said...

Ha ha ha, I heart your dad that's too funny. My grandpa text's too and its funny as hell. They are always in ALL caps and make little to no sense - gotta love em though.

ash said...

zach's gotten some pretty funny messages from him too. something about ice cream one time, and a few others. silly.

Anonymous said...

Teresa said: My daughter's phone has autocorrect, and it try to "help her out". we all know when we get a weird text, it's just the phone.