June 30, 2011

Rusty, Corrugated Tin Makes Me Happy!

I'm so excited!  Remember when I posted about hubby and I gathering barn wood from my Great-Grandmothers barn that was partially fallen?  If not you can catch up here.

Basically the barn was falling and we wanted to gather some of the rare wormy chestnut wood to use for projects or possibly in our home we plan to build one day.

When we were there gathering the wood I saw all the rusty, corrugated tin roof lying everywhere.  But, we were told we couldn't get the tin.  It had been promised to someone else.

I have thought and thought about the tin ever since.  I found some very neat ideas online about how I wanted to use it in our home one day.  Like this:


SO, after a few weeks of driving by and seeing the tin just lying there and complaining about it to my parents, my mom talked my grandparents into letting us take it.  They said the folks they had promised it to had enough time to come get the tin and it meant more to us anyway.  Off we went!  Within an hour my parents met us at the barn to gather up the tin.  My mom took photos while we dug through the wood and carried stacks of it to my dads truck.

Beautiful! (Maybe only to me)

Trying to seek out tin while not getting a snake bite.

Hubby carrying the long pieces.

My dad and I loading up his truck.

Ha, ha, he's silly.

After about an hour of work, we had a LOT of tin as well as a few more pieces of wood loaded.  I'm SO glad that we have it.  Hopefully one day we can put it to good use.  I love the fact that we are saving part of my heritage and reusing it in our home.  My mom also has so many memories of playing in the barn as a child just, like as I did.  It's a very special place for all of us and we hate to lose the barn at all, at least now we will have some things to remember it by.

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Rachael West said...

Awesome glad you got your hands on it, I can't wait to see what you turn it in to now :o)