June 17, 2011

Wren are you going to feel better?

I'm in the house talking to my little brother and meeting his new puppy Flynn when all of a sudden my cell phone rings.  It was my husband.  He said:  "Get out here! I'm in the backyard and we have a bird problem."  I was like...bird problem? What the heck are you talking about?  Hubby: "Just get out here!"

So, we head outside to see what all the commotion is about and I see this:

Daniel had a bird on his foot.  Apparently our dachshunds had somehow found a little bird and they were running circles around it barking at it and pulling at its feathers.  Daniel saw them running around barking and went to see what was causing all the commotion.  The little bird immediately jumped up on his foot.  That's when I got the "come outside now" phone call.

He then walked all the way to our house (about 30 yards) with the little bird sitting on his foot.  We weren't sure what to do, and of course we don't have a birdcage.  We couldn't let the dogs kill it; so we did what any reasonable people would do.  We put it in a dog crate.

I gave him/her some water in a bowl and a little towel to sleep in as well as a bowl with bread and cracker crumbs (hey, we were all out of worms).  When I checked on him last night he was sitting in his water bowl like it was a bird bath.  I'm guessing his butt hurt from having the feathers pulled out.

I've never been much of  a bird person but we couldn't let the little guy get mauled by an angry pack of wild doxies.  Especially since he just sort of looked at Daniel as his knight in shining armor.  So he is currently resting on our back porch in the dog crate.  If anyone has any ideas of how we can care for him or what kind of bird he is, etc.  Please feel free to let me know.  Believe me, I want him better ASAP so we can turn him loose.  I am too busy to be taking care of a bird.  But he is kind of cute.  


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Rachael West said...

Awww well you know how I feel about birds but I would have done the same thing - poor wren. Hope he get's better and can fly away soon. If not maybe there is a state parks wild life center that would take him in? We found baby bunnies and they took them down here :o)