July 4, 2011

E.O. Products for Pets!

I've now been using the E.O. Products for a few weeks and I am still in love.  Their organic products made with essential oils amazing.  I absolutely love their Rose and Chamomile scent.

The great folks over at E.O. were nice enough to allow me to try out their pet grooming kit on our pooches.  I must admit, when I opened them and saw that the shampoo/conditioner was Lavender and Aloe, then smelled them, I was tempted to try them out myself.  They smell just as amazing as the products for humans!

To really put their products to the test, we decided to give our biggest, hairiest, stinkiest dog a bath with the E.O. Dog Products dog shampoo and conditioner.  We put Diesel in his kiddy pool and I started scrubbing his furry butt.

The water was pretty cold and at first he did not like it.
After I started to rub the shampoo in and he smelled the wonderful fragrance and getting a good scrub down, he began to enjoy it.  I'm sure he felt like he was at a spa. ; )

After a good scrubbing and rinsing, I covered him in the E.O. Products Conditioner (it's leave-in, but I didn't know that until after I had rinsed it off and then read the directions).  I added a little more conditioner after the rinsing and toweled him off. 
He pouted for a few minutes at first and gave me the evil eye.  Then hubby and I played with him and the wet towels.

He loves to bite and shake them.

By that time he was barking (talking back) and acting like his happy-go-lucky self again, except he smelled great!  The E.O. pet products are just as amazing as all the other products I have tried.  This is a company that not only cares about what it puts in their products and their customers but, also animals.  And, they give back.  Check out how many wonderful charities they support click here to see the list on their site.  I will be an E.O. customer for years to come.

What a handsome boy!

I could tell by that smile that he also wanted to thank the folks at E.O. Products for sending him the wonderful dog grooming set.  He thoroughly enjoyed them (and will several more times as well as our mini-dachshunds). 

E.O. Products is so generous they are also offering up a set of their grooming products to one lucky reader!  Just check out their facebook page and "like" them, then leave me a comment.  If you are a "follower" of my blog you can leave two additional separate comments.

The winner will be chosen next Monday, July 11th via Random.org.  Good Luck! 
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