July 15, 2011

Flat Tire Decor-Newport Baskets

When I ran across the site Flat Tire Decor, I was amazed and very happy to see that they are recycling tires and making amazing things from them.  Not only to they have a beautiful variety of baskets but they also make floor mats and SHOES!  The shoes are sold under the name FlatTire Footwear

I was lucky enough to receive two of the Newport baskets from Flat Tire Decor to try out!  They are even better than expected. 

Each basket is well made put together with heavy duty hardware.

The bottoms and handles are extremely durable and sturdy.

They are made from different types of tires so each one is unique.

One even had some cool writing on the side.

I loved the baskets so much that I could NOT decide what I wanted to do with them.  They are so versatile and could be used for anything.   I played around with some different ideas.  Here are a few photos of a few things I tried out.

Magazine organizer!

Filled full of my large pine cone collection.  I love the texture on this basket.

Filled with artificial flowers.

More flowers to use as a centerpiece.  They would also work great as actual flower pots.

You could use them for anything! 

My favorite part is how Flat Tire Decor is taking used tires, something that would stay in landfills for over 50 years and producing these wonderful, useable products.  Mike, the Founder even have a video on their site that shows the process and also how tires are used as mulch in playgrounds.  It is very interesting and something I was totally unaware of.  I hate how tires litter the planet, especially the roadsides and highways.  I'm so happy that their company is putting them to good use.

I highly recommend Flat Tire Decor products to anyone looking for some sturdy baskets to use for just about anything, and the look great!  Waterproof, sturdy, eco-friendly, they are great. Head on over to their site and see for yourself what excellent products they have to offer and how they are helping our planet.  : )  Not to mention made in the U.S.A.

I really want to try out their Flat Tire Footwear.  Hopefully I can soon!

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Those look incredible.

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Excellent idea!!!

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I love those.

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