July 8, 2011

Garlic Gold Vinaigrettes= WOW.

Garlic Gold is one of my new favorite Companies.  They have such incredible organic garlic products-and you guys know I LOVE organic.  If you have read any of my recipes you know that I sprinkle their Garlic Gold Nuggets on just about everything possible and, their Garlic Gold Oil is incredible.  When you mix olive oil and garlic, how can you possibly go wrong?   Their product line up is very diverse.  They have the oils, the nuggets (in different flavors) oils, etc.

The nice folks over at Garlic Gold sent me their vinaigrettes to try out.  Normally I do not eat salad dressing.  I've just never been a fan.  But these are amazing.  I don't know how I'm going to live without them.  I guess I'll be soon ordering more. 

The vinaigrette set consisted of three kinds:  Meyer Lemon, Class Balsamic and Red Wine Vinaigrette.

I tried to come up with some really great recipes using them but the past few weeks we have been so busy in our garden and with work and puppies I ended up just marinating chicken breasts in the Red Wine Vinaigrette.
I let it marinate in the fridge for over 24 hours.

The next evening I grilled it up and added a few sprinkles of Garlic Gold nuggets. mmm-mmm

Had to throw in a picture of the first batch of yellow squash from our garden.
Tossed in corn meal, salt and pepper and fried in some Garlic Gold oil.

The finished product was amazing.  The chicken was extremely moist with an incredible flavor. 
I then thought this would be my favorite of the three.

A few days later I decided to try the same cokoing method that I had done with the Red Wine Vinaigrette.   I marinated chicken thighs overnight in the Balsalmic.  But, this time I cooked it in the oven on a broiler pan.  It was even better!  The flavor was incredible. 
The finished chicken.

Hubby's plate with his mound of mac & cheese. 
He cleaned his plate, then wanted more chicken.  Sorry, we are out.

I wanted to do something different with the Lemon Meyer.  It sounded like it would go great with fish and I just happend to have a bag of frozen tilapia fillets.  Rather than marinate it overnight,  I just marinated them a few hours until they had comppletey thawed. 

I placed them back on the broiler tray and broiled it for a few minutes until the top was brown.   I then drizzled a little more of the Lemon Meyer Vinagrette on top.

Then I sprinkled them with the Parmesean Garlic Nuggets

Needless to say it was DELICIOUS!  We were in such a hurry to eat the yummy fillets that I didn't even get a shot of our plates.  (Probably a good thing because they were overflowing).

I've determined that Garlic Gold's Vinagriettes would be good on anything.  I think I might even try them on a salad now.  With that kind of flavor it would make anything taste even better.   The great folks over at Garlic Gold are kind enough to give readers 20% off your entire order of Vinagirettes.  Just use the code TIFF20 and save on your order.  

GO BUY SOME!  You WON'T be sorry.  ; )

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Joan said...

That looks so good, I think I'll order some.