July 21, 2011

Growing your own veggies!

Our garden is coming along quite well to say the least.  Just to give you an idea of what I have harvested THIS WEEK alone!
Bucket O' Broccoli

Mmmm....  I ended up freezing around 8 gallons.

Fresh Iceberg Lettuce. 

Washed and drained.  Great for salads and sammy's.  Wish I could preserve it longer.  : (

The dishdrainer filled with yellow squash, zucchini, cucmbers, and various peppers.

While those were draining I will still soaking other veggies in the sink.

I like to grow something new each year that I have never grown.  This year I went with "white cucumbers"  They are more of a light yellow but, very crisp with a great flavor. 
I really want to make some bread and butter pickles with some of them. 

Besides all that I also picked, strung, broke and canned 20 pints of green beans.  We will have more ready to pick this afternoon.  I will post some photos of the green beans soon.  I am going to do a "canning your own green beans" tutorial. 

Whew!  This is a lot of work but sooo worth it in the wintertime!  Thank goodness that my wonderful hubby is such a hardworker and keeps the garden manicured and weeded so I can get to the good stuff. 

And, one of my good friends was bitten by a copperhead a few weeks ago so of course I'm terrified everytime I walk outside.  Guess thats what we get for living out in the country.  Although, it's worth it.  : )


ash said...

I love fresh veggies! I wish I could grow my own. If you need someone to help you eat them, let me know ;)

Rachael West said...

I wish I lived closer I'd be begging for veggies :o)

Anonymous said...

That's funny -- Teresa got bitten by a copperhead, too. You should introduce her to your good friend.

Anonymous said...