July 14, 2011

I got an SUV! I love my Suzuki XL7!

If you didn't read my posts about the misery that was the Nissan car I have been driving the last six months, you can catch up here

Although I was very appreciative to borrow the car from my parent's, it was a little uncomfortable to say the least.

For the last couple months I have been looking for a new vehicle.  I wanted something four wheel drive because the winters get pretty bad around here.  I also wanted an SUV or truck so I can haul stuff (i.e. dogs, groceries, project materials, etc.).  That's when I found the Suzuki.  It was only about 1/2 mile from where I work and drove by twice a day looking at it.

Finally, I stopped and really looked it over.  Beautiful!  It's used, which is what I wanted, white, which is easier to keep clean on our dirt road (amazingly enough), and it was in my price range. Not to mention LOADED with extras.  Because it is a limited edition it has a sunroof, heated seats and rear view mirrors, leather interior, but most importantly, A/C!!   I have A/C again!  No more driving around feeling like I'm going to pass out and taking changes of clothes with me when I go somewhere due to being wet with sweat.  I can't also drive around in the sun and not feel like I'm going to pass out.  Its WONDERFUL! 

I have to thank my fantastic parents for helping me get it.  Without their help there is no way I could have afforded it.  They are THE BEST! 

Here are some pictures of Suz.  That's what I'm going to call her. : )


And again, this is her good side.  No really, there is a door ding on the other side. ; )


Love the way the door opens to the side instead of up and down.  And, all the seats fold down flat.

Three rows of leather!  All in perfect condition.

Sunroof.  It opens and closes AND it doesn't leak when it rains.  There isn't a single walmart bag clogging up holes. (Again, read previous post. : )

Automatic, with A/C!!!   Heated seats for the winter time and a CD player. 
What more could a girl want? 
I'm so happy to have Suz!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

P.S.  I signed up for twitter!  Click the link at the top and follow me!  Breakfastwtiff!  And, I added a giveaway's box at the top of the blog on the right sidebar so no one can miss the awesome reviews and giveaways I have had lately.  I have a REALLY neat one to post tomorrow.  I've been super excited about! 

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