July 7, 2011

Independence Day Fireworks were tha Bomb!

Our family's annual Fourth of July celebration is exciting to say the least.  My love of fireworks spawned from an acciednt when I was around 3 years old.  Standing on our front porch, my dad was lighting tiny little bottle rockets from a mason jar in the yard.  I was a nervous about the noise and asked him if it would hurt me if I stood outside my hands over my ears.  He lite the bottle rocket and it zoomed back and blew up on my leg.  Not only did I scream, cry and run inside, I will never forget it. ; )

Twenty som odd years later, I am a fireworks addict.  I love them.  The Fourth of July is one of my favorite days of the year.  We (the fam) all get together and buy a TON of fireworks.  We gather at our cabin in the woods, have a cookout, and start blowing stuff up.  It's a blast! (pun intended).

L to R-My Mamaw, Great Aunt Dee, Great Uncle David, Older Brother Adam

My uncle Randall and his gf Tammy

Again, my older Bro. Adam

My Dad holding his prized firework.

Hubby and I of course!

My Cousin Andrea who had to come later.

The Firworks my dad bought (other than his prized possession)

These were the ones we bought.  The two big boxes (Toxic Rain & Loud and Rowdy) were 1 fuse each but each had around 12 blasts.  They were our "grand finale".

Zach's Package included a little bit of everything.

Randall's package of Morter Shells.

We started things off with a few colored smoke bombs. 

Then began shooting at each other with Roman candles and throwing those ones that just pop at one
another (dangerous, I know).  I learned this behavior from my parents.

Last year I even bought special firecracker earrings.
(They were made from newspapers by ladies in Uganda to raise money for their village.)

We then moved on to spaklers. 

Even my Mamaw got in on the action.

Next onto the big boys.  My dad turns into a ten year old when we start shooting them off; although I can't say much. : )

I think it took around three hours to shoot off all the fireworks.  Hubby and I still ended up bringing home a few mortar shells and Roman candles that we didn't have time to do that night.  Here are some pictures I took of some of the shots.  They were beautiful to say the least.  The pictures do not do them justice.

I love this tradition.



So pretty!

Now I'm already looking forward to next year. : D

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Awesome firework photos dude!

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