July 12, 2011

Newman's Own Organic Products

Newman's Own Organics sent me a package of their goodies to try out.  When I say package I mean it was amazing!  They were so nice to send SO many different products for us to try that it has taken a few weeks to get through them all.   They even sent a lots of goodies the dogs to review!  They LOVE Newman's Own Organics (almost as much as me).  : )

Newman's Own Organics is a company that was started in 1993 by Nell Newman, Paul's daughter and her partner Peter Meehan.  Nell saw a shortage in snack foods made with real organic ingredients.   
Paul Newman loaned Nell seed money for them to begin with the stipulation that when they made it back she would repay him and it would be added to their charity funds.  By 2001 the Organics division on Newman's was it's own company:  Newman's Own Organics

Starting with pretzels, I am thankful to report that they now make The Champion Cookies, Fig Newman's, Newman's-O's, Licorice, Chocolate Bars, POP's Corn, Gluten Free Soy Crisps, Dried Fruits, coffee, I could go on and on!  Every single product of theirs that I tried was incredible.  You can tell by each bite that the ingredients used in these products are of the highest quality and they give back so much of their proceeds to charities.  Over 300 million since the start of Newman's Own Products in 1982.

My mom said they were the best pretzels she had ever had.

They also make dog treats!  They did not forget our doggies when it came to sending us products to try.  They loved all the treats.  The cheese and the chicken/veggie sticks were by far their favorite.  But, then again the salmon/sweet potato got pigged down quickly too.

Miley just had a litter of babies and is refueling with some chicken & vegetable snack sticks.

Rosie wanted to eat the whole bag of the Cheese treats (of COURSE I didn't let her). 
We don't call her Fat Rosie for nothin'.

Diesel tried to take the entire bag and run. (didn't work).

Reba liked the Cheese, they were small and Heart-shaped. :)

Their chocolate bars were to die for!  I especially loved the Espresso with the tiny grounds blended into the coffee.  I think I could have that for breakfast and skip the coffee.  It was delish!  Heck, all of them were fabulous.  By far my favorite.  Or wait, was it the cookies?

Cinnamon Hermits

'Cause I've eaten like 4 bags already!  Chocolate chip and Orange Chocolate Chip.

And pretzels...

And peppermints, ginger mints, wintergreen mints, liquorice, Fig Newman's and Newman's-O's.  They are all fantastic!  I do not want to run out.  I've been trying to ration myself  because I can't find their products in any local stores.  I am definitely going to ask that they begin to carry them.  They are THAT good. 

The good folks at Newman's Own Organics are going to offer up four of these wonderful products to a lucky reader.  Just visit their website and leave a comment of which of their products you would like to try.  As always you can leave two additional comments if you are a subscriber or follower.  The winner will be announced next Wednesday, July 20th via Random.org.

Good luck! 

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