August 18, 2011

Another shot at winning....

Because it's been sooo many days since I announced the winner of the Big Kitchen Giveaway for the Emeril Grill Pan and have received no response from the winner, I will be choosing another winner.  (Please folks, if you win a giveaway, contact me with your shipping information so that I can have the goods sent to you!)

And, because I've slacked off this weekend and went out of town, I didn't get to announce the winner for the Denby Giveaway of the James Martin Casserole dish. 

SO, without further ado...the winner of the Big Kitchen giveaway is:

Next, the winner for the Denby-James Martin Casserole Dish is:

Congratulations to our winners!  PLEASE send me your contact information (shipping address, etc.) so that I can get your products sent to you!

If you were not selected, there will be another one coming up on Friday for the iHerb Cocoa Cardio and $25 shopping spree. Make sure you have signed up.  It is an awesome giveaway and they offer so many great products on their site.  Check it out!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Finally got around to using my Denby casserole dish. They're not kidding when they say it's "easy cleanup." Two thumbs up.