August 5, 2011

I Hugged the Pressure Canner

I had planned on doing a great post regarding how to preserve green beans via canning them.

But, It didn't turn out so grand. I could quite possibly have permanent damage (meaning a big scar).

While I was doing the canning part, I "hugged the canner" as my dear husband likes to put it.  I was actually trying to stir something on the burner behind the canner and well, my arm isn't as long as I thought it was.  It stuck to the side of the steaming canner and...

I was left with this:  

The photo is kind of backwards but, its my forearm just up from my wrist.  

Here is the other arm that I must have jerked into the canner while peeling my forearm off the other side.  Hence "hugging the canner" . 

After a few days it now looks like this: better but still hurts like hell. 
And, the antibiotics I'm on are making me sick as a dog. 

I'm gonna hold off on the bean canning tutorial until I am less mad at my canner.

I did pick up some totally cute pink camo wrap to keep it bandaged up in.  Turns out this stuff comes in a variety of colors so I've been able to coordinate it pretty well with my outfits.

For those of you who haven't signed up, you still have time for the Emeril's Griddle Pan giveaway and the Denby USA giveaway.  Go sign up.  I will be drawing the winner tonight!

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