August 29, 2011

Technology issues so, story time...

I seem to have lost my digital camera as well as my memory card for my "good" camera.  SO..I have no photos to post, which is sad because I have two great reviews and giveaways just waiting to be posted.

SO, instead of the typical review, tutorial and photos, I have a story (actually two).

This past Saturday night, around 10:30pm, hubby and I were canning salsa.  I was also folding some clothes in our bedroom.  I heard our mini-dachshunds barking like mad outside but didn't think much of it because of all the deer and other wildlife around the house.  We live right off the interstate, but yet still in the country and, our house is the only house on a dirt road. 

A few minutes later, I walked through the living room (we have no blinds) and saw a flashlight on the front porch.  Immediately I saw that it was a police officer.  Of course I immediately ran into the kitchen to tell hubby the cops were on outside. At first he didn't believe me or that I was joking, until the officer walked up to our back door.  The back light was already on so hubby saw him immediately and opened the door.

Officer:  Good evening.  Sorry to bother you.  I had trouble locating your front door. (Probably because we have three bikes, an air compressor, an antique cart I plan to eventually refinish as well as a coffee table) Have you seen anyone or heard any strange noises?

Hubby:  No. What's going on?

Officer:  There was an accident and a criminal has taken off on foot.  He is in this area and we were checking to see if you had heard or seen anyone.

Me:  Our dogs have been barking like crazy up in their building.  I thought it must have been an animal or something.

Officer:  Where is your building?  Will you take me up there to show me the location?  There was an accident and a criminal got away on foot.

Hubby:  Sure.. (he puts his shoes on and goes with the officer)

After a few minutes they return and the officer tells us to make sure all our doors and windows are locked.  I'm not sure what happened or who they were looking for.  I watched the news-which was only about 15 minutes later and of course there was no story about a wreck or a missing criminal.

Being the gun aficionado's that we are, we starting packing heat after the cops left and went walking around the house to make sure the coast was clear.  We never saw or heard anything else thank goodness.  I haven't seen anything on the local news or in the paper about what might have happened but an interesting salsa making session it was.   I'm just happy that we are all safe, human and furry.  Thank God for watching out for us and having such a good and considerate police force in the area.

I guess we just live in a bad location for incidents such as this.  A couple years ago hubby and I were in the back yard with our dogs out when a man came walking up our road.  Hubby walked down the driveway and met him to see what was wrong.  The next thing I know they are taking off down the road in hubby's truck.  I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, but they were already gone.

After about 20 minutes they return and I see a black older model mustang drive down the road.  I remember it because of its tan top, custom markings and dent in the drivers door.

The next day I get to work and check my email.  There was an email sent out telling everyone to be on the lookout for that car.  The man had assaulted a girl at a local college, stolen her car and was armed.  He basically got into a high speed chase with the cops, pulled off the interstate onto our road where he could hide the car in a curve and took off on foot. 

When he got to our house, he said he "ran out of gas" so hubby being the trusting, helpful person he is, took him to the local gas station with a jug.  Thank God that he had a 45 revolver lying in the passenger seat when the man got in.  He might have high jacked his truck, or worse. 

Most of the time I feel really safe in our small town in the country; especially with so many family members nearby (most of which have their concealed weapons permits) but, because of our location, I'm glad we have a LOT of guns and a LOT of dogs.  No one will ever burst into this house without recourse.  It's kind of a joke at work that you don't visit me unannounced, but they also know why. 


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Rachael West said...

Goodness that's one crazy story... glad everyone is safe.