August 10, 2011

Where does time go when it flies away?

I feel like such a slacking blogger lately.  But, I do have one awesome giveaway for this Friday, so hurry and get signed up:  The Denby USA Casserole Dish

Other than that I've been licking my wounds (not literally) and dealing with WAY too many veggies.  My kitchen looks like this every night:

I have canned over 40 pints of green beans, frozen over a dozen squash casseroles, and chopped peppers of all varieties, not to mention cooked TONS of them to eat.

I'm just now beginning to gather tomatoes.  Then its time for spaghetti sauce, salsa and homemade veggie soup.  I'm going to have to take some time off!

We do have some incredible watermelons and pumpkins growing this year too.  The biggest I've ever had and they still have quite awhile to go.  I'll be posting pictures soon I'm sure.

My arm is getting better for those of you who read the burn post.  Hubby and I have just been really busy with the garden, work and our puppies.  We are also working on a little project I will be posting soon.  It was a really neat find.  So don't get bored and run away.  I've got too much more to say and three other product reviews and giveaways to post in the next week.  Stay tuned!  ; )

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Rachael West said...

Awesome garden totally jealous, here in a year or two I'll be begging for advice :o)