September 14, 2011

Heely's Skate Shoes...not just for kids!

I always get really excited when I get to do a review on a product.  This one was one I was extrememely excited about  (although, with my accident prone behavior I must say, friends and family were not quite as happy as I was when my Heely's arrived).  I immediately tore into the packing to find these:

I know these look a little manly compared to some of the cute pink Heely's, but some are unisex so you can order them in men's or women's sizes. I liked these because I figured I would fall and get them dirty and they looked really sturdy so maybe I wouldn't break an ankle.  Not to mention I just like gray and black.  

They turnedout just like the picture.  I loved them!

They were easy to put together.  They come with a rubber piece in the bottom that is interchangeable with a small tool (that is also included) so they also double as shoes. 
Great way to have fun and save money and have fun.

Just take the tool provided and pop out the rubber piece to install the wheel. 

Just press down evenly and the wheel snaps right in the back. Some of their shoes even come with two wheels.  I thought I would personally like the one wheeler's better.  I'm SO taking these grocery shopping.  I'm going to be in and out of the grocery in no time.

They look pretty good too!  They are made very well.   Very worth the price (although I was provided this pair by Heely's to test their product and take part in a promotional review).

At first, I was afraid my feet were going to fly out from under me but, I quickly realized if you
just put your front toes down you stop immediately.  On our hardwood, sometimes almsot too quickly. 
But, that made them a lot more safe.  I actually put on my old skates trying the Heely's and fell and busted my rear almost immediately. Won't be using those anymore.  Talk about old school.  

Then I read the directions.  You are suppose to keep one foot (your strong leg) in front of the other. 
That worked much better.  They have a great instructional video on their website.

Diesel loved the Heely's.  He thought it was super fun to chase me around the house and bark.  You can even wear them with the wheel in the back and still just walk around in them. 
If I can skate in these shoes, anyone can do it. 

I wore them the rest of the time I was cooking dinner. 
It was easy as pie (no pun intended, we didn't even have pie). 

All in all I give Heely's a rave review.  With a little practice I think I could get pretty good at wearing them.  I would like to try them out somewhere with more space.  I can't wait to get them out and wear them at the local Walmart.  But, if you see me on, don't email me.  ; )

For more info on their great shoes check out the Heely's site or on facebook!  They also have an awesome YouTube channel where you can watch cool commercials and other Heely's videos.
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