October 14, 2011

Big G Breakfast Solutions

I had the opportunity to review SIX different kinds of Big G cereals.  I have always loved cereal.  Whether it be with milk, or straight out of the box.  Thats why I was so happy to get this very generous package of products, prize pack to giveaway, and information, which provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark!

Talk about hitting the jackpot!  Check out all the great flavors I was given to try:
Being my childhood favorite, I instantly tore into the Cookie Crisp.  I think I ate half the box without even adding any milk.  Then I polished the last bowl off for a midnight snack.
Actually, this would probably be considered two servings.

I have eaten lots of Ceerios in my lifetime and they have always been a favorite, especially if you have little kiddos and just want to let them snack on them.  Not to mention the cholesterol lowering factor.  Then came multi-grain and chocolate.  They all taste great but the chocolate was hands down my favorite.  Go figure!

They are so good for you and taste great.  I will be eating these again.

These were almost like a dessert.  I would love to make some of the rice crispy type treats with these. MMMmmm.

Total has never been one of my favorite cereals, but, its so good for you that I felt good eating it anyway.  I threw in some fresh raspberries that we STILL have growing and it was great.

Golden Grahams, another childhood favorite.  I think I ate most of these straight out of the box as well.  Who can resist that cinnamon goodness.  And also whole grain?  Its hard to believe!

All of the General Mills cereals have whole grains, guaranteed.  They are a great breakfast to for everyone.  Whole grains helps with heart health, helps reduce the risks of cancer, manage diabetes, keeps your 'regular', and can help manage weight.*

Not to mention that right now these boxes contain $5 in coupons for specially marked  select products from brands including Betty Crocker®, Nature Valley®, Pillsbury®, Big G, and Maxwell House.

Leave a comment saying which Big G Cereal you would like to try.  The winner will receive a BIG prize pack including all the cereals I had the opportunity to review. Thanks to General Mills and MyBlogSpark.com.

If you're a follower you can leave two additional comments.  The winner will be drawn next Friday, October 21st!

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