October 20, 2011

Mumpkins are Funkin!

I'm going to take partial credit for this fun and cute fall decoration.  But, I also have to give a little credit to the folks at Lowes who came up with the foundation for the project.  I just think mine is better because it will last forever. 

Its a mumkin!

First, you begin with a large styrofoam ball.  I used an 8".

Next, I purchasd about 8 stems of artificial mums.

Then, using wire cutters, I cut the mums off the stems about 1 1/2"
down from the bloom.

After I had clipped off all the blooms I began sticking them into the foam ball.

I could have used a few extra flowers so I had to be careful with spacing so none of the white foam shown through.

Halfway there!  

I left a small space on the top of the foam ball and went outside to find a stick I thought would make a good stem.

Walla!  Lying right on the back porch.  I thought about spray painting it brown but was too lazy.

So, I just stuck it down in the space on the top of the 'mumpkin'.  Then I cut off a few of the pieces of greenery from the left over flower stems and placed them around the stem.

Tada!  Mumpkin!

Okay, thanks Lowes for the idea.  But rather than use a REAL pumpkin and REAL mums (their estimate was it lasting around 3 days).  Mine should last for years.  And, its super cute.  Try it!  This would be a great project to do with kids as well. 

I have another fun Halloween project coming up soon.  Stay tuned! 

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