October 12, 2011

Nature's Path Organics

I'm sure by now you all know that I love to eat.  And, I especially love foods that are truly organic and made by sustainable companies whose focus is on bodies as well as our planet.  That's why I was SOOOO excited to find this awesome box on my front porch.  It was sent to me to sample by Nature's Path Organics

First of all, this was one of the coolest boxes I've ever received!  I loved it!
It was recycled cardboard but appeared to be a wooden crate, too cool!

Check out what was inside:

 Strawberry Yogurt Granola Bars, Flax Plus Cinnamon Cereal, Hemp Plus Granola, Whole O's (gluten free) and Sunrise-Crunchy Vanilla (also gluten free).
I couldn't wait to try them all.  So, I checked out their website to learn more about the Nature's Path Company and found out that they are a company that cares deeply about the ingredients and quality of their foods.  All their products are vegetarian friendly and they carry a large line of gluten free products which is important to me because my mother in law, Kathy, and also my brothers girlfriend both eat gluten free diets.

I first ate the box of granola bars (in about two days).  They are chewy and delicious.  They have a wonderful strawberry flavor drizzled with yogurt on top which makes them that much better.  They are extremely satisfying and kept me full and energized for hours.

"Nature's Path Foods are ALWAYS ORGANIC and have been for 25 years.  They hold the highest standard, their products do not contain artificial preservatives, additives, genetically modified organism (GMOs) or synthetic pesticides." 
See those real bits of strawberries? Mmmm... 
I gave the boxes of  gluten free cereal to Kathy so that she could try them.  She doesn't get the opportunity to eat a lot of anything crunchy/bread like and I knew she could give me the best opinion on how their gluten free cereals compared to others she had eaten.  Her response after trying the cereals were: " They were a tasty blend of corn, rice, quinoa, omega-3 and whole grain.  With its taste, and lightness you forget its gluten free! Fun breakfast cereals as well as a great snack when eaten dry."  She loved them both.

"We aspire to advance the cause of people and planet, along the path to sustainability. And we like to think we put our money where our mouth is. Or rather, where our heart is. Because growing organic, healthy foods in a sustainable way is our passion—the cornerstone of our family company. It’s where, and how, it all began....."

Next, I tore into the Organic Flax Plus Cinnamon.  Wow!  I ended up eating this for dinner a few nights.  It has to be one of the most filling cereals I've ever eaten.  I loved the extra crunchiness of the flax seeds and it seemed to keep me full for hours!

With this cereal, a little goes a long way!

Lastly I tried the Hemp Granola.  I'm not a huge granola fan but this stuff was the bomb.  Since it doesn't have any corn syrup, I ended up giving it to a friend who has an allergy to corn.  She liked it just as much as me and said "it was some of the best granola she had ever eaten".
Another cool thing is, they made their boxes smaller to help with sustainability by using smaller boxes.

All in all, Natures Path has become one of my favorite companies for organic and healthy foods I can trust.  I've seen lots of other goodies on their website I would love to try since getting to sample these.  All their products are as described perfectly, or turn out better than expected.  They definitely keep their promises and deliver incredible products. 

The folks at Nature's Path are also kind enough to offer one lucky reader a package of goods to try for yourself!  Believe me....its worth signing up for.  Leave a comment saying which Nature's Path product you would like to try.  You can also leave two additional (separate) comments if you are a follower of my blog. The winner will be chosen via Random.org next Wednesday, October 19th.  Good Luck!
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