November 23, 2011

Halfpops Popcorn, a Revolutionary Product

hen I heard about Halfpops I just HAD to try them.  My mom and I have eaten countless bags of popcorn over my childhood, and still today.  We both always loved the little burnt kernels in the bottom of the bag. 

When I saw Halfpops and read about their niche in the world of popcorn I knew instantly that I would love them.  I just didn't know how much!

Halfpops was kind enough to send me some samples of the 'butter and sea salt' as well as their 'aged cheddar' recipes.  I must was love at first bite.  I am trying to NOT EAT every single kernel they sent me and "save" them (which isn't going very well).  I plan on ordering CASES of them for Christmas presents (and maybe a case or two for myself ; ) ).  They ARE that good. 

I thought the aged cheddar is my favorite, but who knows, each time I eat a crunchy kernel, I its my favorite.  I love them all! 

The aged cheddar individual packages

The butter and sea salt individual packages.

The kernels are crunchy and don't get stuck in between your teeth like regular popcorn.  A HUGE plus in my book!

They are made from 100% organic ingredients.  Gluten free, no high glucose corn syrup as well as zero grams trans fat with NO preservatives.   What more could you ask for??  

The only sad thing is right now they only available in Seattle Washington.  So, sad folks such as myself who live across the country must order online.  But, there is good news!  Halfpops is offering my reader a $5 coupon code as well as FREE shipping of orders of $45 or more!  So, if you log on now and order from Halfpops,use the coupon code BREAKFAST WITH TIFFANY.  The code is good for one month so get to ordering.  I'm sure anyone with a love of popcorn would appreciate these babies for Christmas.   

Take advantage of this delicious opportunity.  They are incredibly crunchy, flavorful little nuggets from Heaven.   I wish I had a lifetime supply of them.  I could munch on these anytime. 


Sohroosh said...

I like that photo of the box. You can tell it's traveled a long way! Thanks for again for taking the time to try HALFPOPS!

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