December 12, 2011

Chad's Carolina Corn

I've really been lucky enough to dig into some DELICIOUS popcorn lately.  At the top of that list is definitely Chad's Carolina Corn.  Not only do I love it because it is made in my home state of North Carolina, but, it's so delicious!  And it comes in so many incredibly different flavors.

It comes in SO many flavors it hard to even think of them all the ones they sent me.  Chad's Carolina Corn was SO generous they sent me this huge box:

I couldn't believe how much they had sent me.   Not to mention how generous the large bags were.  They were full of huge fluffy kernels of corn.  Mmmm...

Notice that bag of "Pumpkin Pie" on top.  It was definitely my favorite.  But, as much as my mom loves pumpkin, I had to share and give her the rest.  

These are her comments from some of the flavors she tried:

"Can't stop eating popcorn!  The Pumpkin Pie was unbelievable.  When I finished that bag, I started on the Kettle Edition.  Can't stop eating that long enough to type.  Opened the Salt and Vinegar, and it was excellent, but maybe not for breakfast unless that's all you have..I've been a popcorn fanatic all my life, and this is literally the best I've ever had.  This is gourmet popcorn to infinity!!!  Keep it coming.  Have to get off the computer and clean my keyboard..."

The Buffalo Bleu
(spicy with a hint of bleu cheese.  Hubby's fav)

Caramel Corn.  Big fluffy kernels coated with just the right amount of caramel.
One of my favs but just couldn't compete with the pumpkin.

Sorry the pics are so dark.  I'm not sure why they turned out this way. 
Probably because I was in the closet eating the popcorn so I wouldn't have to share it with anyone else.
Dark and Chocolate, what else can be said?  Perfection in a bag.

Salt and Vinegar.  Not my favorite, but, I don't like the chips either.  My mom did like it a lot.  But she likes vinegar for some reason.

Jalapeno Cheddar.  Its added to their White Cheddar for an extra kick.

We also received their white cheddar which was delicious.  I keep saying everyone was on of my favs. but, the truth is, they were all great. 

Chad calls himself the "Popcorn Czar" and I must admit it, he's right.  These are incredible flavors and topnotch kernels popped to perfection.  Chad's Popcorn is also packaged in paper bags that are save for the planet but also resealable to keep your popcorn perfect.  There are lots of great deals on their site to mix and match your favorite flavors or order some for Christmas gifts.

"The regular size bag contains 3/4 gallon (12 cups) of popped popcorn.  It's the perfect size to carry on the go and is packed to the gills with delicious Chad's Carolina Corn.
And now available is a cavernous bag holding 2 gallons (32 cups) of CCC goodness.  it will satisfy even the largest craving for Chad's Carolina Corn.  With this bag there is plenty of corn to share, though no one will blame you if you keep it all for yourself :)"

Chad is so nice he is going to do a 5 bag sampler to one lucky reader AND he is offering 5% off all orders if you use the code 'tiffany'.  So, leave a comment and let me know which flavor you would like to try.  If you are a follower you can leave two additional comments.  The winner will be drawn next Friday via

Good Luck!
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