December 18, 2012

LAQA & Co. Gift Box Giveaway!

I'm so happy to get to work with LAQA & Co. for yet another incredible nail polish review. I was sen two of the brand new nail polishes (before they were even released!) to try out for myself.

Their company has an incredible line of products ranging from "nail pens" which can be used anywhere for total nail polish coverage or touch ups. As well as lip pencils and removal pads.  They are such a unique company with all the products they offer as well as their awesome names.

"LAQA & Co. Nail Polish Bottles include a range of all the hottest colors, including the season’s best trend, metallics This isn’t your average polish line; they’re little pieces of art too. We’re the brand covered in unique artwork from young designers who are looking to get their voice out there. The designers even get a cut of profit, from every color purchased."
I was give the polishes "Greedy Glubs" and "Chubs".  I loved both colors.  They are very Christmasy or good for any time of year.
The "Greedy Glubs is a glamorous red and the "Chubs" is a well covering gold glimmer.  They both cover well with one single coat and stays on for DAYS!  It is the premium of nail polish.
I first tried out the "Greedy Guts".  I happened to be wearing a red shirt so thought it would be the perfect time to try out this shade.  I loved the dept of the color but especially how it didn't crack, bleed or soak into my nail bed. I actually wore it for at least three days and my nails did not turn out "pink" or red-soaked after removal.
The next was the "Chubs".  I was a little less fond of this color, because I don't wear a lot of gold, and it doesn't fit my personality that well.  But, I still really like the shade of gold and it also covered in one small coat and lasted for days.  I could see this as a really great holiday color.  I actually liked it more and more the longer it lasted. I've actually ended it wearing it more than the "Greedy Glubs".  It is a little less prominent and more subdued.
LAQA & Co. has been generous enough to offer up two incredible gift boxes to two lucky readers.  All you have to do to enter is follow them on facebook.  The giftboxes are 2 of I want Candy Giftbox, containing Pimpin & Mudpie Nail Pen, Fairyblood Fat Lip Pencil and Remover pads. 
Each box is retails for $53.95.
Just go to:  and sign up to "like them".  If you want an additional entry, simply sign up to follow me on my blog.  Make sure to leave two separate comments.  And, make sure that you first "like" LAQA & Co." before you are allowed the separate entry.
Winners will be chosen on Saturday, December 24thia  So go sign up NOW!!  If you don't get what you want for Christmas, maybe you can win one of these awesome gift box sets from LAQA & Co.!
Good luck!

November 25, 2012

Dog Trots Globe

My first official book review on this blog was right up my alley!  "Dog Trots Globe, To Paris and Provence" by Sheron Long.

It is the story of a Chula, a 9 year old Sheltie whose owners take her to France on her first out-of-country experience.

It is filled with beautiful photography, lots of information how how to travel with pets including unexpected mishaps that may come up if you aren't fully prepared.

I found the book to be very enjoyable.  Especially never having traveled to France, especially without my "mans best friend" in tow. 

Chula, after a few mishaps with travel info, finally lands happily in her hotel bed.

Chula also has many adventures in local marketplaces either tasting their goods or eyeing their products.  

She also got to visit the Sault Fountain 

Not to mention visiting all the fields full of lavender. 

(All photos credit of © Sheron Long)
Adults, children and dogs alike would all enjoy the story of Chula visiting France and Provence.  It is a very beautiful story and beautiful book.
You can get your own copy of "Dog Trots Globe" by Sheron Long by leaving a comment below.  Do you have your own furry friend you would like to take across the pond?
Tell me which animal you have and where you would like to take them to be entered into the random drawing for a copy of this great book.
To purchase your own copy, please visit:

For additional information on Chula's continuing adventures, including a fun contest for your readers, please visit her Facebook page and discover fun contests and free ebooks. 
The winner of the free copy will be chosen on Friday, December 7th.  Good luck! 


October 15, 2012

Cat Scratch Fever...Yeah You Know the Song........

Well, again I have an "It Could Only Happen To Me" story.

After volunteering a few days at our local county animal shelter; two days with 78 homeless kitties (and after finding a RAT in the motor of my Mustang) Hubs and I thought it might be a good idea to adopt a couple kittens to see if Diesel, our German Shepherd/Son could get along with them. (He HATES any cat sound on TV).

We went back to the shelter on a Saturday & chose two kittens that looked very much alike although from two separate litters.  One was bob-tailed, the other had a long tail.  Both long haired, grey and beautiful.

After bringing them home and introducing them to Diesel through a crate, he seemed to accepted them. We still did not let him come in physical contact, and knew that would take weeks.  So, keeping them separate was a struggle.  We decided to take it day by day. 

We would let Diesel out to play with the other dogs and I would let the kittens loose in the house to have a free for all. Their names from the shelter were-Bob, the bobtail and Johnny, the long-tail.  Although we tried thinking of new names we continued to call them by those. Bob seemed really calm and sweet whereas Johnny was constantly climbing my pant-leg and everything else. 

I came home after three days to find Bob lying in the bottom of the cage.  He was dead. I knew it immediately. Of course I began to FREAK!  I removed Johnny from the cage and had to call our local Sheriffs Department to get in touch with the after hours Animal Control Officer to let him know what happened and find out what we should do.

We packed poor little Bob on ice and bleached everything in the house. From top to bottom.

The next day, we took Bob back to the shelter and turned him in, hoping they could figure out what had happened to him.  And, to insure them to see that Diesel didn't try to have a cat snack.

Johnny was terribly sad alone, so, we decided to bring another kitten home.  Only, they had just had a huge adoption the weekend before.  They only had adult cats.  We loved Bob's little short tail and his mom was still up for fostering.  My friend Teresa had taken me down to take Bob's body and to pick up another kitten.  We chose the Bob's mother and on the way home Momma kitty decided to poop in the crate (which was in my lap).  My friend and I rolled the windows down and I was spraying hairspray (the only thing I had in my purse) to try to keep the smell down.  We were both about to barf.

Finally we got her home. That five minutes seemed like hours.  I took her to put her in the cage with Johnny.  Only when I got her out, not only had she pooped, she was covered in it, and blood.  I jerked Johnny kitten up out of the cage and put her in alone.  It was discusting to say the least. 

I called the shelter and they said she probably got nervous on the ride home. Yeah, whatever....I've bred dogs for over 12 years and never seen anything like this.  I knew something was terribly wrong with her.  I called our vet who said to take her back immediately and to also worm her.  I wormed her twice and kept calling the shelter who was closed all weekend and on Monday.  After 3 days of keeping Johnny cat separate from Momma Kitty as well as Diesel and our other dogs, it was rough to say the least. 

On Friday before I was playing with Johnny and working from home on the computer.  He was in my lap and LAUNCHED himself towards my neck. Just as if he was hugging me.  He dug his claws into my throat.  I had to pull them backward to get them out of my skin.  I put alcohol on the scratches right after and though nothing of it.  A few days later I had a sore neck.  It kept getting worse and worse but, I thought I had pulled a muscle.  On Monday morning it was so sore I asked Hubby to look and see if my neck was swollen.  I had a strange rash and it was very swollen and red.  After a 3 hrs. at a doctors appointment that evening, they thought I had West Nile Virus, Meningitis, or Cat Scratch Disease (yep, disease.. not fever, you just get a high fever). 

Two days later my blood work came back...Cat Scratch Disease it was.  Even though the doc said my scratches looked healthy and healed.  I caught it really early which was good or it would have been much worse.  Symptoms last from 4-6 weeks and it stays in your body for YEARS.  So, now I can't be around kitty's at all.

Needless to say, hubby took both Momma Kitty and Johnny kitten back to the shelter.  He told them that Johnny had the Cat Scratch bacteria under his claws and that he should be treated before being adopted.  I hope no one else has to go through what I have the past month.  I'm still dealing with fever and fatigue. Who knew that this little guy could do so much damage.  And, funny thing, I miss him like crazy. : (

Kids are much more susceptible to the disease.  If you are considering adopting a kitten or cat please keep watch on where they come from or where.  Thirty percent of kittens carry this bacteria under their claws.  Three weeks later I am dealing with it more than ever. 

The bad news is that Johnny Kitten has been adopted by another family.  I wish I could tell them what the may have to deal with.  Prayers please for everyone involved. I don't want a child to be hospitalized because of their new pet.  And, I hope the Shelter folk lets the family know what they brought home with them.

Good new is...3-4 great reviews/giveaways as soon as I can get them posted.

Crumb Creek Mills
E.O. Products
Renew Skin Products
Glade Expressions

And many more.  I will post them ASAP!  Keep checking for the new product reviews/giveaways.  Sorry for the delay! I never would have guessed a little kitten would make me soooo sick. :(

September 27, 2012

E.O. Products Winner. Sorry I disappeared! More on that soon!

I wanted to go ahead and choose the winner of the E.O. Products giveaway.  I'm so sorry to be sooo late.  I know if I had entered I would have wanted to know whether or not I stalked the site daily sending me emails asking, when are you said the 12th, etc.

So, without another day going by, the winner is...........

#1 Wanda!

Congratulations Wanda.  You are going to LOVE these awesome products.  Please contact me ASAP with your information and I will have them sent over to you!

For everyone else, great story of something that could only happen to me.  Well, its happened to other people, but just me luck.  Stay tuned!

August 29, 2012

E.O. Products New Deodorants and Lip Balms are the Balm!

I'm so excited that one of my very favorite companies has come out with a few new lines of products.

E.O. Products have developed three new spray deodorants which are completely organic, non-GMO, not tested on animals and completely awesome!  Not only all that but, they also have new lip balms!  The deodorants are Lavender, Citrus and Fresh Scent.  The lip balms come in both peppermint and my favorite, lavender.

I was ready to place an order for more of my FAVORITE shampoo/conditioner, their Rose & Chamomile when I noticed the new items.  I was lucky enough to get to try them out and to do another review.  Needless to say it made my day and has everyday since then.
My Favorite Shampoo/Conditioner Ever!

Their new Deodorant Sprays
 I've been amazed.  I've tried "natural" deodorants before and been let down-more than once (the "crystal", some- "natural" brands, etc. I don't want to name, names or online purchases, I've even tried to make my own (which actually turned out better than the store bought ones).  But, none of them have come close to giving me the results that E.O. Products have. 

At first I was a little concerned about wearing them to work with no back up so I took a travel size in my purse.  After about 1/2 day (with no A/C in our office) I realized it was totally unnecessary.  They worked great! 
Made from 100% organic essential oils, what else would I expect?

E.O. Products has done it again!
It feels sort of like water when you spray it on, but smells way better. Then, once it dries, your good to go! I did have a little moisture (not stinky) the first few days but, it takes your body a couple days to adjust from having all your pores clogged with deo. That quickly went away and it worked perfectly. Just knowing I'm not spreading aluminum and other harmful, cancer causing chemicals under my arms each day makes me feel a lot better. My mom has warned me of the harmful chemicals in deodorants since I began using them.

Not only did I receive my FAVORITE shampoo and conditioner as well as their three new deodorant sprays but also the nourishing hair cream.  I've also used it before and on my reorder list.  Before, during or after shampooing, it makes you hair feel incredible soft, shiny and more manageable.

This has helped me go at least 3-4 months between haircuts.  It totally helps prevent/maintain split ends and damage.
Then comes their new line of lip balms.  I received two of each, the Lavender and the Peppermint.  They were both exquisite.  More dense than regular chapstick and with a WAY better scents.  I have been using both for weeks and if I forget them at home and have to use another brand I'm always disappointed. I will continue to purchase them from now on.

I must say with complete honesty...E.O. Products has done it again!  I have used a lot of their amazing products that are not only good for the consumer but also the environment.

To beat it all, they are SOOOO generous!! They are giving away to one lucky reader, the same package they sent me.  All you have to do is "like" them on facebook.  Then leave me a comment.

If you are a follower of my blog you can leave an additional (separate) comment for an extra entry.  (But only if you "like" them on facebook and leave that comment first. The winner will be drawn on WinsDay, September 12th.

Good Luck! 

July 16, 2012

LAQA & Co. Needs Your Help!

LAQA & Co needs your help!
Their soon to be released bundle of joy needs a name!

When you come up with what you believe is "the perfect name" for their new color, tweet the name to them, using the hashtag #mypolishpetname, and you could not only be immortalized forever in their fall line, but win LAQA goodies to boot. They are giving the lucky winner the entire fall line!

Their colors have the most unique names, such as the Bossy Boots, Tweedle Dee, Bells and Whistles, and Fancypants.   Check them out on Facebook and get those brains to working and see what name you can come up with for this great new color.

And, I apologize for the delay, but, the winner of Bossy Boots Fat Lip Pencil from last weeks LAQA & Co. giveaway is:

Congratulations Ashley!  Send me your contact info so you can try out their great lip pencil.  And, maybe you can name their new color. : )

July 11, 2012

Klutch Club is Healthy in my Mailbox

I learned about Klutch Club and was instantly intrigued. 

A company who began by a great woman ( JULIE BASHKIN) who wanted to live a healthier lifestyle but, with no time (who does that sound like?).  She also wanted to allow other women (and men) to do the same.  So, what did she do? She created Klutch Club, a monthly membership which sends out a monthly box (valued at from $50-$80/month) filled with all sorts of new, healthy, products which can improve your lifestyle and better your health without costing you the time and energy of going out to search for them.  Or, introduce you to some that you (like me) may not have even knew existed.
With Klutch Club you get the opportunity to try all sorts of products from, skin care, vitamins, exercise videos, organic supplements, even clothing!

I knew immediately what I had received!  
 It was even more fun to open the box!

It is a great way to sample things that you would want to help your mind and body without making a commitment to a certain product.  Also, they have monthly themes which work together to help make a big improvement in your life.  April's box which I received was "Spring Clean Your Body".

Inside is a note card that explains each product, its meaning and its purpose.

I loved trying out the April, Spring Clean Your Body box.  It included lots of great products.  I was amazed at how much I enjoyed them all.  Typically I'm a junk food junky and a since we quit going to the gym, not really big on exercising.  I like playing with our dogs, gardening or building things, not Yoga DVDs (or at least I thought).

In the box I received:

Kristin McGee Power Yoga DVDA detoxifying Yoga workout from MTV Power Yoga star, Kristin McGee =Hard, energizing and stress relieving.

HyDriveA brand new energizing drink product to kick-start your workout= Almost like Red Bull, but healthy!

ZICO Coconut Water
Post workout coconut water hydration to replenish electrolytes= Yum! Waaay better than plain water.

Tea Forte SKIN SMART Antioxidant Amplifier Tea =Each one unique and delicious!
In four flavors: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, and Honey Yuzu

Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash =My face skin loves it.  A little oily so I only use it at night. Contains whole herbs, oils, seeds and no artificial fragrances to make your face super clean and healthy.

Barlean’s Organic Flax Oil = Like flax seed health in a spoon that tastes like a smoothy Organic omega 3, flax and fish oil supplements in new flavors

KIND bar = Been buying them at the grocery store ever since.A filling bar with peanut butter and dark chocolate + protein.. yum!

Yoga Hyde = Have yet to order but they look and sound great, and $25 off?? Really? Great deal! A $25 gift for Yoga Hyde all natural organic yoga clothes and outfits

Enjoy Life Plentils & No Nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix =Gone the night I received the box.  Delish!  I really thought I would dislike these and then wished I had 2-3 more bags.
Awesome snacks that are gluten-free and full of protein!

Of course the first thing I did was eat the food, but hey, it was drizzled with chocolate or contained nuts and fruit, YUM!  Since then I've bought several KIND bars at our local grocery store.   Next, I tried the Barlean's Organic Flax Oil (It really does taste like a smoothy).  It is wonderful!  And, I really FEEL better!
I reluctantly put in the Yoga DVD by Kristen McGee but found it to be not only a great, energizing workout but actually fun and stress relieving. 

You can sign up for three different varieties of Klutch Club memberships: 1-month $18.00/box, 3-months $17.00/box or 1 year for $16.00/box).

I totally recommend the Klutch Club.  Especially for people like me who are reluctant and a little lazy when it comes to taking care of yourself and working a lot.  I hope to sign up soon so that I can receive each month's box.  You can check out their website and see what they have coming up this month.  It all looks fantastic and makes me energized to just to think about it.

Good luck and revitalize your lives whether it be through them or through your own methods.  You are worth it. : )

June 27, 2012

LAQA & Co. Bossy Boots Fat Lip Pencil

LAQA & Co. is a very unique cosmetics company who makes fantastic Nail Polish Pens, (an actual pen you can paint your nails with, talk about handy : ) as well as awesome Fat Lip Pencils.  They have artists help develop their products colors, etc.  They offer the coolest colors of "Fat Lip Pencils" and "Nail Polish Pens"!  A particular artist is attached to each one and recieves proceeds from each of the colors that they sell.   I received from them the "Bossy Boots' lip pencil" to review.  It is a great size and color. 

I'm espcially hard to please when it comes to lipstick or lip gloss.  I don't ever wear anything too bright or dark.  I am pretty neutral when it comes to makeup.  I hardly wear any real lipstick.  The "Bossy Boots" matched my lips wonderfully and just gave me enough color/shineto work out perfectly. 

Perfect Name! : )

It really IS a Fat Lip Pencil. Or, Phat, (is that still cool?)

It's the perfect mix between a lip stick and a lip gloss.  It has enough color to brighten/color your lips (in a lot of very original colors) and also the perfect amount of shine and moisture as a gloss. 

Love it!
I found that the LAQA & Co. Lip Pencil gave me long wearing color without drying out my lips like most long wearing lipsticks do.  It was also enough color without being over the top.

They have so many great colors of Lip Pencils and Nail Pens.  I want to try them all!

Anthropologie  is a seller of their great products that LAQA & Co products and Anthropolgie (which is an amazing site for all types of things, not only cosmetics) so you can go there and browse through all their great stuff.  Or, you can go to the LAQA & Co site directly to read about their artists, products, etc.

LAQA & Co. is offering up a giveaway to one lucky reader of the "Bossy Boots" fat lip pencil.    
To enter, first you must  'like' LAQA & Co. on Facebook.   For an additional entry, tell me which Fat Lip Pencil you would like to try (or any of the Nail Pens).  For an third entry, follow Antropologie on twitter.  If you are a follower of my blog via google or RSS you can leave a FOURTH entry! 

The winner will be drawn via on Friday, July 13th. (We'll call it Fat Lip Friday)!

June 21, 2012

Wallpaper For Windows Winner!

Wallpaper For Windows was so generous to send me the most beautiful stained glass style vinyl window treatments which I installed in our dining room. 

It not only made the windows incredibly gorgeous but, it also created privacy and improved the view of our ugly carport.  I especially love to get up in the morning and see the sunshine coming through them over the mountains.  The reds, greens and browns come to life, breathing life into a once dreary room.  It changed the look and feel of our entire house. : )

The folks at Wallpaper For Windows were also gracious enough to allow me to host a giveaway.  One lucky reader will receive $75 of their incredible product to try out in their own home.  

SO, the winner of this fab giveaway is:
#12 Ashley!

Congratulations Ashley!  I hope you love their product as much as I do.  Please send me your contact info as soon as possible so you can try out the easiest way ever to create beautiful windows!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I have lots more products/giveaways I need to post but, have been busy with work and doggies.  I hope to get another giveaway posted tonight. So come back!

June 12, 2012

A New Way to Create Stained Glass Windows!

Wallpaper For Windows is my new favorite home improvement product.  The folks at the company were so gracious to do a review/giveaway with me and I was fortunate enough to choose the most BEAUTIFUL design of Wallpaper For Windows which allowed me to cover our dining room windows completely. 

A few years ago, we purchaed carport.  Having a horseshoe driveway. that placed the carport smack dab in the middle of the driveway, blocking the view.

 I've contemplated for years what to do change the outlook (literally) of the windows.  Or, what kind of shades or curtains I could put up to cover the great view of the side of the carport (not to mention the trashcans). After our visit to the Tiffany Lamp Exhibit at Biltmore Estate, I was even more inclined to try some sort of stained glass look myself.

After lots of googling I came across the stained glass section of the Wallpaper For Windows site. After contacting them they were one of the most customer friendly and generous companies I have ever worked with.

They had SO many choices and their products include privacy, solids, etched glass look, patterns, accents etc.  So many options make a person like me hard to decide.  And, their products can also help maintain the temperature of your home while saving you money.  It filters out around 95% of UV rays to save your homes interior from the sun. 

Then, I found it. The Mandalay Bay Stained Glass. It was exactly what I was looking for. I just couldn't decide then whether I wanted the "privacy style" or the see-through

The see-through also provides privacy from outsiders.  Even though I chose the that version of the Mandalay Clear Stained Glass Window, when outside, you still can't see in.  It was win-win for me because our bathroom is located past our dining room so, if I forget my clothes I no longer have to worry about someone standing outside our house. ; )

When I received the pieces (they cut them based on my measurements) they fit perfectly!  I was afraid with my lack of measuring skills, that I might have been a little off but, each piece fit precisely. 

I installed six panes in around 30 minutes with a small spray bottle of soap and water and a card similar a credit/debit card which they also provided.

The windows from outside looking in after one panel was finished.

All it took was a tiny spray bottle with a few drops of soap
and the card provided.

After all the panes were complete (outside looking in).

I was nervous about the installation but it went on with such ease and looked incredible I had to put it all on and had it done in no time.  Being dark when I installed it, I didn't really see the magnitude of it's beauty until I woke up the next morning and saw what the Wallpaper For Windows actually did for our windows.  I was amazed!  I never thought I would have stained glass windows in my dining room that compared to the Tiffany Lamp Exhibit I saw at Biltmore Estate. : )

The next morning, the beauty of the mornings sun coming up
through the windows. : )

One of the main center panes

The sheets were cut PERFECTLY to fit the windows with my measurements.

Each window looks so beautiful and virtually blocks the ugly carport.

At night from outside looking in.

Everyone that's seen them has been in awe of their beauty and couldn't believe how they turned out.  Almost everyone says that they can't wait to get on their site and choose some Wallpaper to put on their windows.  It has made such a HUGE difference in our entire house that I want to do more rooms, and plan on it. 

Not only can it be used on shower doors, but, virtually any type of glass (even mirrors!).  It is also reusable.  If you move, take it with you!  It can easily be trimmed to reuse on a different window or a different room. 

I put all my junk back on the buffett and really need to declutter because
I love my new "view".

It is guaranteed for three years but suspect that it will last a lot longer. Wallpaper for Windows has $5 shipping on all orders over $25!  They also offering their trimming service (which I totally recommend for only $6.50 per sheet (whether it be 2 or 15 pieces per sheet).   If I can measure accurately then so can you!

And to be even more awesome, they are offering an incredible $75 giveaway to one lucky reader.  To enter, please be sure and them "Like" us on Facebook, Twitter,  or join their google+ circle or simply follow them on Pinterest.

You can get an extra entry for each that you do, i.e. 1 entry for "liking" on facebook, 1 entry for following on twitter, 1 entry for joining their google+ circle, or following them on pinterest

You can also ad an extra entry if you follow my blog via google or RSS Feed (as long as you have done one of the prior requirements).  SO, if you do all of them, you can get 5 entries! (If you have question feel free to email me).

The winner will be chosen on June 20th via!  So, go check out all their incredible products and sign up!  

June 11, 2012

The Centsible Life is giving away an iPad3!

Big Fish has partnered with The Centsible Lifeto giveaway an iPad3!

It's sooo easy to enter.  Just got to: and you can enter as many as 14 times (if you post, tweet, blog post, etc.).  How much easier can it get??
"For your blog post entry you can make it about anything you want! Add a sidebar to a post about your favorite apps, or share it with readers in a weekly roundup post. You can use the copy below to get you started. Remember, links must be included to qualify for extra entries."

Enter to win a contest offered by Big Fish at The Centsible Life for an iPad 3! Enter to win here:

Although I sure would like to win it myself, here's your chance to enter as go there now!

Dale and Thomas Fathers Day Giftbox Winner

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday for those of you who might have forgotten.  I'm happy to announce the winner of the Dale and Thomas Popcorn, Fathers Day Gift box.  I'm sure you will have one happy father if presented with this box on Fathers Day!

Their popcorn is almost too delicious to describe. : P

The winner of the Fathers Day Gift Box is:

Congratulations Zach!  Please send me your shipping information so that I can have your popcorn sent out to you, or your dad! 

For everyone else, I am going to try my very BEST to post three giveaways in the next three days, so stay tuned! They are ALL incredible and you won't want to miss a one.  They are also all very different so I'm sure there is something for everyone.  I don't want to give away any too many hints so let's just say I've been busy trying out some pretty awesome products that anyone would love. 

June 8, 2012

Onion Crunch Winners!

Today three lucky individuals were chosen to try out the yumminess of Onion Crunch, the crunchy "fried onion topping made from onions that are naturally low in carbs, low in sodium with no cholesterol and 0 grams of trans fat. Made from 100% real onions they are a great addition to your favorite foods and recipes."

We have enjoyed the on lots of different things the past few weeks and I know you will too!  Try them out by ordering from their site or find them in a store near you.

Now for the winners!
Winner # 1 is:
Choppy! (you're getting lucky, didn't you just win the last giveaway?) 

Winner # 2 is:  Daniel 

Winner # 3 is:  #13 Pyewacket

Congrats to the winners!  Please contact me with your shipping information.

For those of you who did not win, please sign up for the Dale & Thomas Popcorn Fathers Day giveaway that ends on Monday. 

Happy Friday!